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SeNniN  [ Sennin06 ]
Location:Toronto, Canada
Studio:Dark Prodigy Studios
Video: Various [ Jin Roh, The Sky Crawlers, Kenshin Trust And Betrayal, Rahxephone, The Animatrix, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Sword of the Stranger, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Evangelion, Akira ]
Audio: Uppermost - Passion
Genre: Psychedelic, Drama
Length: 3:11
Added: 16.12.2012
Viewed: 27732
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  Tengy (04 April 2013, 22:51)  
Приятный и неплохой клип, спасибо автору! )
  Sennin06 (11 Febuary 2013, 05:36)  
keep in mind that this is just the beta, and the full version is yet to be released.
  777lexa777 (09 Febuary 2013, 19:30)  
по моему жанры не сопоставимы...
  Fryface (19 January 2013, 16:39)  
gave it 7.5 a week ago but after rewatching it i changed my score to 8.0.
  Unver (08 January 2013, 17:54)  
Сюжета к сожалению не разглядел, но музыка и видеоряд вполне приятен, кстати музыка подобрана очень хорошо, красивый клип
  AnimeFanaticBoy (06 January 2013, 01:03)  
D: I wanted to see this one in the top 8, one of my favorites.
But still, this clip is just something. Appreciated the mood
  Sennin06 (05 January 2013, 23:48)  
thanks guys. It`s not really suppose to have a story, it`s more of a free style to fit the mood of the song. since when did all amv`s need to have a story. xD Anyways, thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it guys.
  xDreww (05 January 2013, 04:47)  
Good edit, didn't quite get the concept you had. Would have liked to see something more then just fades and such, thought it was kind of random as well. Ether way good edit.
  ICEberg (04 January 2013, 17:57)  
где драма?
где психодел?
разномастные исходники старательно убивают и сюжет и атмосферу
  DEDninja (04 January 2013, 09:55)  
Как по мне evangelion сцен больше и не нужно, психоделик самым видео рядом не особо видно, её чувство проявляет песня, и да, отдельное спасибо за трек)
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