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xkairibrunette  [ xkairibrunette ]
Location:Rohnert Park, USA
Video: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Audio: Katy Perry - Wide Awake
Genre: Drama
Length: 2:50
Added: 16.12.2012
Viewed: 11435
Author's Commentary
Based on a true story of love, power, and finally breaking the bond. Of course, what no one really knows is that in this video, it's all a dream.
This is my first year in akross, so the video may seem a little newbie, but I came to play, so let's play.
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Viewers Comments (total: 18)
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  777lexa777 (21 January 2013, 19:00)     
нчего особенного)
  Unver (08 January 2013, 12:45)    
Смешанные чувства вызывает клип, но в целом очень даже неплох... от меня 6
  ICEberg (04 January 2013, 18:54)     

но где тут драма?
пошло бы на романтику или чарник
  Sevania (03 January 2013, 15:23)    
The story is wonderful, and the atmosphere is very similar to the anime. I like it.
(but genre of this clip is not a drama, it is story)
  ChobBloodX (03 January 2013, 02:48)    
You know, I really don't understand how people can see this, and not see what you've created. You did use some clips over a bit, but it was so gorgeous the way you used them. There were a few timing problems, but so what? Everyone makes mistakes...This video DOES fit in the drama category, the story behind the video, and your own personal feelings definitely make up for even the slightest error.
  DEDninja (02 January 2013, 18:56)    
приятно было смотреть. Драма получилась с натяжкой, но смысл как никогда ясен :smile: От меня 7.2/10 и благодарность за песню)
  DemonKurama (28 December 2012, 17:05)     
Felt like something was off... especially the end. Sorry, me no understando. :dunno:
  C-Strelok (26 December 2012, 04:06)    
А неплохо вроде получилось, если рассматривать как историю, что собственно автор и сообщил в описании клипа.
  FunnyMan (25 December 2012, 21:45)    
Слабоватая драма, а так в целом хорошо.
  paladinstar (25 December 2012, 21:36)    
Энергичный такой 8/10
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