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Darkariss  [ SapphireDream ]
Location:Oviedo, Spain
Video: Working!!
Audio: Save Ferris - Come on Eileen
Genre: Comedy, Character Profile, Romance
Length: 2:53
Added: 15.12.2012
Viewed: 15199
Author's Commentary
Some things before you watch the amv if you haven't watched Working:
1- The girl with long light brown hair is the boy with glasses.
2- I have nothing against short people or the short girl herself. Scenes just fitted.
3- The main character, Inami (Eileen), is an androphobic girl who's in love with the boy with glasses (Takanashi). When she's near man, she can't help but kick them.

This amv basically tells the story of a girl who's androphobic and has problems on confessing to the guy she likes. I did this on 6 days and I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it...but I'm glad I was able to combine editing with studying! I really enjoyed editing this. Not sure if it fits Akross or not but I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
And if you haven't watched both seasons of Working!...GO DO IT.
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Viewers Comments (total: 19)
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  777lexa777 (09 Febuary 2013, 18:21)  
с аудио треком промахнулся(
  Unver (11 January 2013, 22:54)  
Хороший клип по хорошему аниме=)
  dangolove (09 January 2013, 19:28)  
No esta mal!! :"D el vídeo en general me ha gustado, solo que en el apartado técnico han habido ciertos fallos D": por ejemplo algunas escenas están demasiado zoomeadas... no sé si me explico!! esque has puesto zooms en casi todas las escenas zooms tipo zoom in, zoom derecha... y a lo mejor quedaría mejor sin zoom (sobretodo los clips que tienen zoom derecha o inzquierda) aunque me gustan esos hardcuts y las escenas que has elegido :"D luego también podrías intentar usar alguna transicción con masking utilizando para ello escenas más moviditas, por último algo de colouring podría quedar bien tambien!! en general como he dicho no ha estado nada mal!! mucha suerte en el akross <3
  iha (04 January 2013, 04:21)  
楽しい日常と、みんなの優しい気持!とても癒される作品に感謝!9.Almost perfect!
  Ginta (03 January 2013, 18:47)  
this amv is fun and have an original choice of music. This is a good association with this anime.
Good work of scene choice, but the lip synch are so bad ^^'

  DemonKurama (28 December 2012, 17:18)  
Ok, pretty good.
  ICEberg (26 December 2012, 13:49)  
одной цундере недостаточно
синхра плывет

романтика - формально да
экшена нет
  Cane (25 December 2012, 12:18)  
не понравилось, чего-то нехватает....
  xXtokiovampireXx (25 December 2012, 09:44)  
Wow Sandy! Really awesome job here! I've been searching for your entry and just now found it. Your editing is quite awesome here! Mood, scenes, everything~ just great! :3 10/10 here, cuz it was a fun and cool watch! Good luck hun :DD <3
  FunnyMan (24 December 2012, 19:18)  
Хорошо в принципе получилось.
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