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AimoAio  [ AimoAio ]
Location:Hamilton, Scotland
Studio:Espace Studios
Video: Fate/Zero
Audio: Vexare - The Clockmaker
Genre: Action
Length: 4:08
Added: 14.12.2012
Viewed: 57550
Author's Commentary
Well I wanted to try something new and different and thought dubstep would be a good idea (it's not).

My original concept was to have Saber as some kind of hero who could go back in time and reverse events but I found out that 90% of the scenes I wanted were all imaginary scenes formed in my head and didn't actually exist. So that idea went down the drain and instead I just decided to focus on synching.

I first started this project in July meant for NDK but the initial betas were so horrible I lost all will to edit it. So I'd like to say a huge thank you to Kain for convincing me it's not a pile of crap and encouraging me to try and finish it. There are still some elements I want to add but I really don't want to look at this project anymore. And while it's not what I originally aimed for, I'm pretty satisfied with the result so please enjoy.

For those curious, Aevum means "passage of time" in latin. (Can also be referred to as age, life.)
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Viewers Comments (total: 69)
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  baibeimmm (11 Febuary 2014, 11:33)  
Love my king
  Сора (14 December 2013, 16:19)  
:applause: 10\10
  EVOsvik (10 November 2013, 11:41)  
  Skrout (23 October 2013, 15:57)  
Очень классное AMV :smile:
  raigard (27 June 2013, 01:58)  
:eat: прекрасно
  Delfiora (16 May 2013, 23:16)  
Прекрасная работа! После нескольких просмотров клип стал одним из любимых!
  Finalsouls (16 Febuary 2013, 03:27)  
so at ease and great
  777lexa777 (09 Febuary 2013, 17:29)  
от музыки у меня разболелась голова но в общем добротный экшн
  Anejo (27 January 2013, 11:02)  
Не знаю, сугубое имхо, но после этого клипа и "Почтовой пчелы" почему-то ощущение, что автору сейчас тяжело делать сюжеты действительно цепляющие. В музыке были моменты, которые помогали развить сюжет и чисто экшеновые. При высоком качестве исполнения, эмоций она почти не оставляет. В работе сменяются абсолютно равнозначные интро, медленные и быстрые части. Хотя, если изначально планировалось показать только экшен - вышло неплохо, хотя музыка легковата для героев Зеро, имхо.

  Sempai3607 (16 January 2013, 17:34)  
for me it's the 1st place of action !
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