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Location:Genova, Italy
Studio:Rising Production
Video: Aoi Bungaku Series
Audio: Globus - Europa
Genre: Character Profile, Drama, Action, Story/Plot, Srious
Length: 2:03
Added: 12.12.2012
Viewed: 26840
Author's Commentary
Plot: A long-time unsuccessful writer wants write a good novel. He starts writing, but finding inspiration it's really hard. Then, he comes up with an idea: but will it be the good one?
I've started this video just for fun, cause a long time was passed from my last video, and the will of editing was great. Therefore, Glorium was just a vent in the beginning, but the more I went ahead with the project, the more I liked the story behind it. I've finished in only seven days, but I'm pretty proud of the result.
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Viewers Comments (total: 46)
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  In.fest.ED (16 December 2012, 12:51)  
Nice, video went along with power of the song, even though it was quite a strong one. Proper cut of the song, if I didn't know it so good, I would probably not notice. Character profile was ok, but it's not really that dramatic, as for action, I would probably say "no" to it too. Should have probably made it a bit longer to develop a stronger story. Well done anyway, 9. :smile:
  animator (16 December 2012, 12:46)  
всё прекрасно, но не до конца реализована задумка
  Алхимик_67 (16 December 2012, 12:13)  
Задумка офигенная и реализовал её отлично, но концовка не понравилась!! только 8
  xDieguitoAMV (16 December 2012, 11:54)  
well done :smile: , realy enjoy it
good luck
  goЯz (16 December 2012, 09:05)  
It's basically the same story from the anime but with more scenes from other parts of Aoi Bungaku, kinda remind of The Stage...honestly I was surprised when I saw the audio source, one of my favourite songs from Globus :tu: clean and neat editing 7. gl!
  Alex_SH (16 December 2012, 08:01)  
неплохо, 7.8/10 :wink:
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