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darkishpurple  [ darkishpurple ]
Location:Sydney, Australia
Video: Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Audio: Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing (Dirtyloud Remix)
Genre: Romance, Action
Length: 3:39
Added: 22.11.2012
Viewed: 19256
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  xDreww (27 November 2012, 05:55)  
could have been better..syncing was alright..but a lot of random scenes and tempo faded a lot.
  Алхимик_67 (26 November 2012, 13:00)  
Скууууууууууууууууучно и ни какой динамики Т_Т
  akira02sum (26 November 2012, 08:37)  
It seems to me that the music doesn't match the anime at all. The music spoiled the anime. So I wasn't to able to konow what you wanted to express. Nobuna must live her life as a samurai general. But at the same time she wants to live her life as a ordinary girl. What did you feel about it? I wanted to know it.
  xXtokiovampireXx (26 November 2012, 05:45)  
Hmm Alen, I like it overall. The beginning was very nicely done! :DD I feel like after the drop it got a little off sync but dubstep is pretty hard to edit, props for attempting it ^^ And your emotions were beautifully expressed too <3 Good luck! =) 7/10
  ram4919911 (26 November 2012, 04:08)  
A good try, I liked the parts at 0:51 how the transition suited nicely.
Though the zooms were a little rough and needed some work, and the sync in places, especially the beginning.
  theredflash66 (26 November 2012, 03:55)  
I did not like. The sync and editing was bad 2/10
  Fryface (26 November 2012, 00:18)  
no offence but you should not pick songs like this one if your editing skills are "only" average or above average. the editing itself wasn´t bad at all but the video was completely out of sync. maybe use something slower the next time. anyway don´t let this discourage you and keep going. :smile:
  Prorock (26 November 2012, 00:17)  
Такую синхру нельзя делать под dub step...
  In.fest.ED (25 November 2012, 21:59)  
Awful sync.
  FunnyMan (25 November 2012, 21:10)  
Плоховато. Скучно.

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Плоховато. Скучно.
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