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Shinzo  [ Shinzo ]
Страна:Recife, Бразилия
Видео: Микс
Музыка: Feint - The Journey (feat. Veela)
Жанр: Dance
Время: 3:05
Добавлен: 22.11.2012
Просмотров: 56599
Комментарий автора
Hello AMV editors!
unfortunately, I don't had time to edit. Recentely I had so much work and I couldn't edit another AMVs.
At first I want to say thanks to all my friends that help me in this project, everyone knows that is really complicated edidt using many animes at the same time with new scenes.
I had a lot of problems with all scenes that I used, after all I have a 'Random' style to edit.

I want to say a special thanks to "WhiteWK", who helps me a lot with the Encoder, and to "Scofield", who shows me some nice scenes to use in this project.

I'm happy to participate, again, to AKROSSCON. I will read all comments about my AMV with love.
Thanks again and enjoy! ^___^
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 70)
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  DigiCat (27 ноября 2012, 14:58)  
awesome beautiful :smile:
  darkishpurple (27 ноября 2012, 11:00)  
sooo preettyy o w o
  theredflash66 (27 ноября 2012, 09:08)  
From me this earns a 6

  dumtumdum (27 ноября 2012, 07:42)  
nice dance
  Bea$t (27 ноября 2012, 07:37)  
Таких клипов сотни, зачем было делать ещё один?

  mexoboy (27 ноября 2012, 07:25)  
Хех ;D Чирики настало ваше время !
  xDreww (27 ноября 2012, 06:22)  
Very nice video..pretty indeed. Though I had a really big issue with the frame blending. I know theres a way to make your video not frame blend with 60fps. It just looks horrible the way you do it D: You had some really nice scene selections in this video, really enjoyed most, but didn't like some you put at the same time. It was like, I got into it, and I see scene that didn't match at all Kind of ruined it for me =/ As well with color corrections..some scenes were to dark and just looked really bad. To much contrast maybe?
Besides the really random scenes and the flaws I really loved how pretty it looked at the same time. I'm a sucker for feint + Piano ,and anime mix with 60fps.
I enjoyed it but could have been better. Please find a way to fix your issue with frame blending D:
6.5 / 10
  akira02sum (27 ноября 2012, 06:16)  
I believe that you're a one of the best amv makers. So I expect much from you , especially originarity. But there is no originarity. Further you selected some overused scenes. However you edited your video perfectly. Nice.
  goЯz (27 ноября 2012, 06:15)  
why the hell the FPS isn't adjusted?...
  Anejo (27 ноября 2012, 05:46)  
Неплохой денс, даже с небанальной завязкой и хорошими динамикой-монтажем. В рамках жанра гут.
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