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Thegoty2315  [ thegoty2315 ]
Location:Torino, Italy
Video: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate
Audio: Immediate Music - The Reluctant Warrior
Genre: Drama
Length: 2:28
Added: 15.11.2012
Viewed: 20763
Author's Commentary
This is the first time I participate in this contest and I'm emotional XD
Btw this is a little crossover that i hope like you (please you comment in english, i don't know the russian ;)
The story is that both for homura that Okabe, dead a dear friend (Madoka&Mayruri) and they travel back in time to change the fate without success. For change this fate homura creates a "manga" to find the right person with whom to change the past and she finds Okabe, which built a time machine that for to work correctly it needs a higher power (the key of homura).
Homura deliver the key to Okabe and he (in the end to video) will definitely change the past.

I hope that this plot you understand at least a little in the video XD

This is my making of:
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Viewers Comments (total: 35)
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  777lexa777 (05 Febuary 2013, 19:50)  
как то не связно оно всё
  Unver (08 January 2013, 13:35)  
Визуально радует глаз, музыка хорошо подобрана , да и клип сделан достаточно качественно. 8.2
  ICEberg (04 January 2013, 18:32)  
неплохой сюжет, но куча дыр и ляпов
за что убили девочку?
почему Хомура выбрала именно его?
чем все таки все закончилось?
но концовка невнятна и срезана
  MountainPass (03 January 2013, 16:09)  
love this music
  HimariKoneko (02 January 2013, 23:24)  
not bad
  MagicDarkLight (27 December 2012, 01:13)  
It was really a good idea but it needed more work and implementation, but still nice, good luck in the votes
  Necroha (20 December 2012, 00:30)  
Концовка подкачала, немного не хватило додумать. но крепкая 8.
  JlopeH (05 December 2012, 06:57)  
хорошая. но чего то ей не хватает -) 7\10
  DEDninja (04 December 2012, 03:47)  
Amv is interesting, but needs more work on ideas, success in new developments.
I like it 7.2/10
PS: And "Homura" is written with a capital letter
  FunnyMan (02 December 2012, 15:26)  
Не проникся. Музыка хороша, а вот видео не очень(
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