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Echotrooper  [ Echotrooper ]
Location:Paris, France
Studio:Sora to Kasai
Video: Various [ Ergo Proxy, Darker than Black, Supernatural, Umineko no naku koro ni, Deadman Wonderland, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Kara no Kyoukai, Gosick, Shiki, Hellsing, Cossette no shouzou, Tekkon Kinkreet, Karas, Kurozuka, Basilisk, Batman: Gotham Knight, Ao no Exorcist, To Aru Majutsu no Index ]
Audio: Poe - Haunted
Genre: Horror, Story
Length: 4:20
Added: 06.11.2012
Viewed: 117462
Author's Commentary
Hi everybody!

Here is my first entry in this contest, I hope you'll like it.
And yeah, my amv is another illustration that using a car can be very dangerous for the health :P

I'm not going to explain my story or anything else, I let you try to understand the global plot of the video.
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Viewers Comments (total: 110)
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  goЯz (15 November 2012, 03:31)  
Excellent! I have no worlds to describe how perfect this video is, well done mate :applause:

PS: I'm wondering how much time this video took you? :tongue:
  aresshiachan85 (15 November 2012, 03:01)  
EPIC!!! you did a great job! :smile:
  AceD (15 November 2012, 02:30)  
Awesome Echo!, wish you luck, first 10 for me
  Echotrooper (15 November 2012, 01:29)  
Ahah Merci Sticky!
  STICKYGAIDEN (15 November 2012, 01:28)  
Ah bah le voila, le fameux clip du chef.

Je le tourne en rosbiff parce que je suis poli : Mainly a strong AMV. So much practice and effort put in it, you can just feel it. You know, working hard for months will always pay. That's also my philosophy. A good edting and ABOVE ALL, a good story.

Je met pas de note sa sert a rien, bien joue mec. :wink:
  Echotrooper (15 November 2012, 01:01)  
Thank you all! :smile: Glad most of you liked it!
  gabber1991md (15 November 2012, 00:50)  
really nice job mate :smile:
  Fryface (15 November 2012, 00:07)  
very nice job but i expected nothing less after watching Artistic Anarchy :biggrin: 9.2

  Sempai3607 (14 November 2012, 23:57)  
Always awesome Echo :D awesome work 10/10
  Mulraf (14 November 2012, 23:45)  
you never cease to amaze me ^^
i really love it, especially nice detail (like at 1:02...)
really the best video so far in my opinion.
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