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Multi-Editor Project  [ Ikore, AnimeFanaticBoy, [madaraxD], Daaf, Anthy_Videos, Castrojimenez2 ]
Location:Cartago, Costa Rico
Video: Various [ The Animatrix, Appleseed XIII, A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives, Baldr Force Exe, Chaos;Head, Darker than Black, Durarara!!!, Gantz, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Halo Legends Origins I & II, Kore wa zombie desu ka, The Money of Soul and Posibility of Control, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Redline, Sacred Seven, StarDriver, Steins;Gate, Vexille, Wonderful Days ]
Audio: Machinae Supremacy - Force Feedback
Genre: Action
Length: 6:12
Added: 01.12.2011
Viewed: 34912
Author's Commentary
It all started with Anthy and her comment after Responsible's of the Disaster: "we should make a MEP for Akross", and here were, editors from ZonaAMV are presenting to you Har Meggido MEP.
ZonaAMV is an hispanic forum for anime edition, yet we a space for lmv, even this year we started a lmv contest "The Film Contest", we like to share, improve and enjoy the amving hobbie, our purpose is to grow together and help improving.
I was the head coordinator of this project, as motivation, I choose the quote "liberae sunt nostrae cogitationes" "Free are our thoughts" a state of mind for the contest, to forget about all limitation and for work at 110%, I guess it worked, the whole concept of the MEP runs around the "end of the world", a futuristic plane that comes to its final destination as a new one is raising, so there it comes its name "Har Meggido " refers to any end of the world battle, an Armaggedon, we fight to the end, so pure emotion and action to honor a great band "Machinae Supremacy".
I should thanks all the editors, amazing work, all of them full of talent, with different kinds of edition melted in this project, I hope there will be a lot more to come and Thanks for Watching!
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Viewers Comments (total: 43)
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  HimariKoneko (02 January 2013, 20:25)  
Viva ZonaAMV! -Mindy-
  DEDninja (05 Febuary 2012, 21:51)  
не осилил
  Vivern Def (28 December 2011, 20:11)  
Не плохая работа. Единственно не понравилось разнобой в исходниках, надо было как то стилистику MEP`а объединить под одну планку.
  777lexa777 (28 December 2011, 17:41)  
мясорубка проттивопоказанная эпилептикам))))
  Zaitzzz (27 December 2011, 13:12)  
mix with no meaning
  Bjoerndalen (20 December 2011, 21:40)  
Понравился небольшой кусок по Stein's;Gate + титры, остальное как-то мимо. 5\10
  BAIRD62 (19 December 2011, 00:03)  
very awsome, estan que arden chicos wow
  ICEberg (17 December 2011, 17:42)  

не цепляет
  kuruta (12 December 2011, 10:08)  
genial chicos 8/10
  AimoAio (11 December 2011, 05:45)  
Felt a little long but otherwise pretty nice and solid tracks :)
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