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MatsuHongo  [ MatsuHongo ]
Location:Aargau, Switzerland
Studio:SaikoRevolutionStudio / ExorcistorDemonStd
Video: Blue Exorcist
Audio: Three Days Grace - Someone Who Cares
Genre: Drama
Length: 4:21
Added: 29.11.2011
Viewed: 16184
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  Алхимик_67 (05 December 2011, 17:27)  
Если бы не качество все было бы суппер(
  Mulraf (05 December 2011, 17:07)  
the beginning of the song is horrible ^^' but i really like the amv and the rest of the music ... except from the quality, but i guess that's just due to the low allowed file sizes ? - i guess i'll be downloading the higher qualitative version and rate it afterwards ^^', but i guess it's something like 7 or 8
  Frezio (05 December 2011, 15:37)  
Painfull quality. It's nothing difficult to take better, for example simply 852x720 :P Anyway I exactly watched AnE and think that this amv isn't such bad as another with these series :P But still only on 4 ^^"
  orochimarochka (05 December 2011, 15:00)  
Very-very-very good job! 9/10
  Banshee (05 December 2011, 13:31)  
  Aerith (05 December 2011, 13:28)  
качество жуть, а в целом неплохо, только долго и однообразно
  kain4ig (05 December 2011, 13:12)  
Ремастер бы увидить было бы круто ну вобьшем итог 6 балов )) в колекцию неплохая техника и МВ классное)
  In.fest.ED (05 December 2011, 12:26)  
It was very boring to watch. If I didn't see the anime I would understand nothing. Video is not even close that dynamic as song, which is actually overused. And yes, I've downloaded full version as I always do when preview is not ok.
  KsenCrownClown (05 December 2011, 12:06)  
"It's so hard to find someone
who cares about you"
Люблю, когда подбирают подходящую песню, переводчик как никак и слова первое, что бросается в глаза, а она тут подходит просто шикарно, сразу скачала фул ибо в превью качество не ахти, очень цепляет амвшка, плевать на кривые моменты, спасибо автору))

З.Ы.реализация слабоватая не в плане техники, ее видно и старания тоже, но много лишнего все ж.
  MatsuHongo (05 December 2011, 09:05)  
Oh nooo, I did something wrong with rendering >.< Download Video has much better quality
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