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[key]Scarlet  [ PrincessKairy ]
Studio:Rising Production
Video: Canaan - Steins Gate - BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution
Audio: Antiform - Fight It Out (Featuring The Autobots)
Genre: Action - Character Profile
Length: 3:05
Added: 26.07.2011
Viewed: 9346
Contests:Japan Expo 2011
Author's Commentary
When I started this video, my goal was to make it look that the girl switches from a level to another, with the power of her eyes, like in a videogame. But she doesn't understand what is happening because she doesn't know about her power, so she is very confused. Moreover, this power is dangerous and it damages her eyes and her body.
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Viewers Comments (total: 2)
  PrincessKairy (01 September 2011, 18:40)  
» Черный кот:
такого клипа на это аниме я еще не видел. Красиво
the clip on this anime I have ever seen. Beautiful
Author's evaluation 8(original)
Technology 7(good)
music video 7(video excellent, the music of worse)
leach 7(liked)
XD quiet, even I do not speak English very well.
I'm sorry again for the answer so late.
thanks for the comment, I will try to do better :D
  Черный кот (03 August 2011, 21:14)  
The idea of you not disclosed. The only thing that I see it is action and hints of the story. Therefore,
the author's 4(weakly)
technology 7(rollover)
music video 6(images do not reveal the history)
personal 5(not much).
I'm not sure in their English skills. I'm sorry if you do not understand
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