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nihilant01  [ nihilant01 ]
Studio:Rising Production
Video: Cassherns Sins
Audio: Celldweller - So Long Sentiment (Martin Harp Remix), So Long Sentiment (Metal Revision)
Genre: Action, Drama
Length: 3.12
Added: 22.07.2011
Viewed: 4757
Contests:Rising Production Contest 2011
Author's Commentary
The concept of the video revolves around Casshern's path to redemption, and his attempt to save at least one life (a child's life) from the dangers of a dying world. I tried to change the anime's story by choosing the best scene sequence as much as I could.
Thanks to karusman07, my ciz tester! For the mix, too ;).
I hope you all enjoy my work :).

This is an exclusive for RP Contest 2011.
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Viewers Comments (total: 1)
  Черный кот (27 July 2011, 03:58)  
Неплохо. Но можно и лучше.
Авторская 6(исходник редкий сюжет виден)
Техническая 4(не смотриться)
Музыка видео 7(хорошо подобрано)
Личная 6(неплохо но и не хорошо)
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