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MindInChaos  [ MindInChaos ]
Location:Coimbra, Portugal
Video: One Piece
Audio: 65daysofstatic - Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here
Genre: Story
Length: 5:30
Added: 02.12.2010
Viewed: 33211
Author's Commentary
As an alternative for the story of the anime "One Piece", I introduce a new way of it using some ideas as stories by myself everything in amv. This is the last part of the story I created using diferent musics and scenes.
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Viewers Comments (total: 48)
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  Prorock (17 December 2010, 00:46)  
Колумбия курит, мы смотрим! :smile:

:applause: Браво за психоделический One Piece!
  afseraph (16 December 2010, 20:42)  
For me it was boring and too long, maybe because I'm not a One Piece fan. The special effects dind't impress me either.
  Bjoerndalen (16 December 2010, 03:20)  
Too prolonged, and can not stand this source, so the clip does not interest. Leave without estimation.
  neodim (15 December 2010, 19:33)  
Bravo! :applause:
  ICEberg (15 December 2010, 10:18)  
слишком затянуто
  gapel (15 December 2010, 09:47)  
It isn't story! It is physchodelic, good physchodelic AMV.
But clip have big technical problem with sound.
  VovanKoperativ (14 December 2010, 03:53)  
Very interesting work, Especially liked work with a static image and technique of synchronization.
Of the minuses: too prolonged, some corny effects.
But it was interesting to watch
  zzerg (14 December 2010, 01:44)  
Очень круто, мне нравится. Не понимаю, почему в Б. That's awesome, I like it! Must be in the final.
  xmode (14 December 2010, 00:27)  
Quite strong amv
  Cane (13 December 2010, 21:14)  
Понравилось. Стори получилась очень интересная ну и психодел присутствует немного, эффекты по большей части идут в плюс атмосфере клипа. 8/10
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