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ZetZu & Chiiisus  [ ZetZu, Chiiisus ]
Location:Norrkoping, Sweden
Studio:AuN Studios
Video: Various [ 5 Centimeters per Second, Bokura Ga Ita, Honey and Clover, Nana ]
Audio: Switchfoot - Your Love is a Song
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sentimental
Length: 4:57
Added: 01.12.2010
Viewed: 34480
Author's Commentary
With my mind wide open, I've kept my hopes unbroken, from the crashing dawn to the blending daybreak.

We were here, once upon a time...


PS. I <3 Bricks
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Viewers Comments (total: 58)
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  Bjoerndalen (15 December 2010, 00:50)  
umm ... well it means she has raised her level at the last work "All I Need".
Thanks, ZetZu. It was interesting to read it.
  seva 99999 (14 December 2010, 23:53)  
very nice video))) :smile:
  ilayilay (14 December 2010, 23:41)  
good music! good job!
  ManoD (14 December 2010, 23:38)  
  ZetZu (14 December 2010, 23:07)  
Thanks everyone for their input, good as bad. Glad that those who did, enjoyed it :tu:

Also, Bjoerndalen:
I didn't use bokura ga ita, Chiiisus did ;)

Our goal was indeed to create a video to rise feelings among the viewers.
But what we most wanted to do really was to have a nice time editing TOGETHER and with sources we personally enjoy :)

Originallity wasn't really what we were aiming for. More or less to create a nice video fitting the mood of both song and series.

And also, due to the fact that I don't make so many amv's nowadays, I wanted to edit an amv to the WHOLE song. Even if it became long because of it ^^
Thanks for the feedback though, really appreciated!
  Bjoerndalen (14 December 2010, 23:07)  
Not bad. Again, working with their favorite sources. I like what you're thinking about / doing something that the soul lies. This is the correct approach to creating videos, but not always intelligible to the audience, because they want something new.
Very cool m \ v. When viewing arise warmest feelings for. Once there is a nostalgia for Akross Con 2008, but the clip turned out to be still a bit long, could be removed from this one of sources (the least I liked Nana). Anyway, nice job, good luck. 9\10.
ZetZu, in October, I was very surprised when you joined together with Chiiisus. Why? I thought that doing a job alone it would be better.
Still wondering how to divide the work with the anime. Piece by piece? Then, Bokura ga Ita sure is your :wink:
  Hydra Star (14 December 2010, 22:56)  
Nice video :)
  Stif (14 December 2010, 22:55)  
Длинная АМВшка думал будет скучно, но смотрится на удивление очень легко, синхра гуд, в общем автор молотчеГ :)
  okalina (14 December 2010, 22:50)  
Щикарно-щикарно :applause:
  Psisark (14 December 2010, 22:45)  
Приятное амв, смотрится легко.
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Bokura ga ita
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