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Location:Wloclawek, Poland
Video: Nodame Cantabile, Aoi Bungaku Series
Audio: Two Steps from Hell - Clock Tower Parade
Genre: Drama, Story
Length: 3:15
Added: 25.10.2010
Viewed: 245676
Author's Commentary
I had my last seconds doubts if I want to participate with this video BUT I really wanted to take part in the contest so here I am.

Anyway, thanks to my aunt I'm a regular visitor in the opera for last 2 years. I was thinking how could I merge things I enjoy and the idea for this AMV was born but only thanks to my friend Kosmit who showed me Aoi Bungaku anime I was able to finish this AMV - so many thanks.

The play is set somewhere in the ancient times and it's a story about friendship, where one person tries to save the other from execution even if it means sacrificing everything including his own life.

I believe the idea and execution of this AMV is a bit risky but I will take my chance and I hope some of you will enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it
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Viewers Comments (total: 230)
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  West (29 October 2010, 23:17)  
Вторая часть клипа все же лучше, чем первая. Но все таки реализация могла бы быть более достойной. Клипу очень не хватает изюму, какой нибудь отличительной фишки.
  Hlodnokrovie (29 October 2010, 23:03)  
вау... круть...

  MIBIHA (29 October 2010, 22:58)  
Епик, качаю)
  Maniaki (29 October 2010, 22:12)  
Nice job. quite an interesting and entertaining work at combining those two anime together.
only thing I didn't like in this amv was non stable sync and coloring (you could merge anime better).
  overture (29 October 2010, 21:49)  
:biggrin: amazing dude!! your editing is untouchable^^ aside from it being a little hard to follow the story without reading the description (understandable), this was just brilliant! 9/10 bravo haha! :applause:
  Zipoturel (29 October 2010, 21:33)  
Этот клип можно обозвать только одним словом ШИКАРНО!!!
Пока что это лучшее что я увидел на Акроссе 2010.
  FlameHaze (29 October 2010, 21:32)  
  Nikita (29 October 2010, 21:22)  
это то что больше всего мне понравилось на даный момент на акроссе 2010...разумеется 10!!!!
  Hitomn (29 October 2010, 21:16)  
  Antik (29 October 2010, 21:08)  
Только Браво нет слов.
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R-15, K-On!!
Two Steps from Hell - Eternal Sorrow
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