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Andyme  [ Andyme ]
Video: School days
Audio: Rocio; Durcal - Se me olvido otra vez
Genre: Drama, Serious
Length: 02:16
Added: 15.06.2010
Viewed: 4150
Author's Commentary
I made it quite some time ago, but recently I've decided to upload it here. The moment I heard this passionate Spanish song about unrequited love, I became enthusiastic about making a video with it. Enjoy!

Translated Lyrics
Probablemente ya
Probably, already
de mi te has olvidado
you have forgotten about me
Y mientras tanto yo
and meanwhile I
te seguiré esperando
will continue waiting for you
No me he querido ir
I haven't wanted to leave
para ver si algun dia
to see if one day (just in case)
que tu quieras volver
that you may want to come back
me encuentres todavia
you may still find me

Por eso aun estoy
That is why I am still
en el lugar de siempre
in the same place as always
en la misma ciudad
in the same city
y con la misma gente
and with the same people
Para que tu al volver
So that when you return
no encuentres nada extraño
you don't find anything strange
y sea como ayer
and [everything] be as yesterday
y nunca mas dejarnos
and we never break up again

Probablemente estoy
Probably I am
pidiendo demasiado
asking for too much
Se me olvidaba que
I had forgotten that
ya habiamos terminado
we had already finished
que nunca volveras
that you will never come back
que nunca me quisiste
that you never loved me
Se me olvido otra vez
I had forgotten again
que sólo yo te quise
that only I loved you

Probablemente ya
Probably, already
de mi te has olvidado
you have forgotten about me

(Thanks Kireblue for the lyrics)
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