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overture  [ overture ]
Location:Hawaii, USA
Video: Kanon 2006
Audio: Ellegarden - Supernova
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fun, Sentimental
Length: 3:18
Added: 02.12.2009
Viewed: 36399
Author's Commentary
Been planning this for a while and i wish i coulda hd more time to do all my ideas*~~* but meh:3 enjoy

please comment in english:3 i dont speak russian
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  Wind (12 December 2009, 00:05)  
Well, the technical aspects are not bad, but I did not like the combination of music and video, and identify with the genre, this video must be fun or drama and romance. It is my opinion...6/10
P.S. And sorry for my English :smile:

  Megalamko (11 December 2009, 23:58)  
Nice video. Catch 8,5!
  overture (11 December 2009, 22:45)  
» Тёмыч-кун:
Nice work, but where is fun? 8/10
in the hearts and minds of every one of us who believe and search for it in the most unexpected of places :biggrin:

CRAP I DUNNO o-O u didnt have watchin this!! then i failed T^T
  overture (11 December 2009, 22:32)  
deadlineXD i slapped those credits together at the last minute to make itT^T but you could hum your own music to it if you want. just please, no gangsta rapT^T
  overture (11 December 2009, 22:28)  
sorry bout thatXD i dont normally use kramer stuff without at least fixing it to look like it isnt but i slapped it all in temporarily and never ended up changing it :biggrin: but basically just the ink. i refused to use kramer arrows-.-
  overture (11 December 2009, 22:24)  
@ Niwa. yea, my biggest regret was how messy and choppy it turned out and i had already uploaded past the deadlineXD tho apparently i actually had a couple more days to clean it up and make changesO-o cut alot a corners but thanx for the input
:tongue: i never see people use green tongue guyT^T he must be lonely. ill use him :biggrin:
  xk4real (11 December 2009, 21:54)  
Gj bro :)
  Mardas (11 December 2009, 21:39)  
good amv 6
  Fey_Sin (11 December 2009, 21:37)  
fun fun fun =)) Nice clip. I like the spirit , it's very positive. 8/10
  cblpoera (11 December 2009, 21:27)  
nice vid. 9
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