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EuphieFortuna  [ EuphieFortuna ]
Страна:Vicenza, Италия
Студия:Diamond Skies Studios
Видео: Pandora Hearts
Музыка: Olivia - A Little Pain
Жанр: Drama
Время: 3:44
Добавлен: 26.11.2009
Просмотров: 22575
Комментарий автора
This is my first time in Akross, I am so exited! XD
this video is like my best one, and the hardest... X_X not for the making but for the rendering.. you can't imagine how hard it was to render it, it always gave to me errors.. X__X
anyway, here I am! XD
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 46)
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  AnimeFanaticBoy (10 января 2012, 22:19)  
Idea is not bad you know?
  JustLost (08 апреля 2011, 14:51)  
Good, really good, though it may be better =_=
Too many special effects, I think.
Next time be more realistic.
And let the force be with you :biggrin:
  Ichizon (24 ноября 2010, 11:43)  
Неплохой клип
  Pandemoni (28 октября 2010, 15:31)  
  Vanillestar (25 октября 2010, 21:28)  
You should really stop bashing her.
I love this video, she put her emotions into it and it has something magical. I saw some videos from really professional video editors here and they did not even touch me half of how this one touched me.

It is rude to say that it is "weak for akross". A real rude thing when someone has worked his ass off for this.

Everyone should realize that every editor has his own style.
So the people who leave comments like this one: "weak for akross" should really stop saying that, constructive criticism please.

8/10, very good
for the amazing emotions shown in this video.

Head up Hilary and keep that great work and don't care what other people say, they don't know what they are talking about when they leave such stupid comments like this xD ! <3

<3 -hugs Hilary- (:
  SakuraHaruno (04 августа 2010, 20:34)  
Well, I think it's not so bad...
  MYLENE (01 февраля 2010, 16:43)  
Не впечатлило...7/10
  Lost in heaven (28 января 2010, 14:54)  
Not bad. Good idea, but technically this amv was a little bit weak for akross. Try to do better in next time.(:
  toraORdie (22 января 2010, 15:10)  
в общем все нормально,за исключением песни не особо она помоему подходит,поставлю 9 за труды)
  turbo2025 (26 декабря 2009, 22:00)  
There is a lot of effort, but I can't say that the final result is as good as it could be. It's kinda boring, actually. Well, good luck with your next works! 6/10
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