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Страна:Saint Galmier, Франция
Видео: Микс
Музыка: David Orr - Meltdown, Nemesis Theory
Жанр: Action
Время: 5:22
Добавлен: 11.11.2009
Просмотров: 70352
Комментарий автора
Today is November 11, 2009, Armistice Day, but also for movie fans the arrival of the new film 2012 . I leave you to guess the theme of my AMV ...

Let me show you another view of the world's end, MY vision of the end of the world. This AMV depicts the various physiological, astrological, environmental, and even religious phenomenon that may incur this tragedy from the perspective of a scientific research laboratory. This clip are 6 major parts:

- TIME DISTORTION: disruption of time and season resulted in disparities environmental unprecedented.
- TERRESTRIAL PHENOMENON: One of the conclusions of the distortion of time: the appearance of multiple earthquakes and volcanoes result in property damage and human resources.
- BIOLOGICAL EVENTS: Increased pollution causes a reduction of the persistence of the ozone layer. UV rays are no longer attenuated by the atmosphere, so they will decompose water vapor of seas and create a complete absence of H2. Organic molecules can no longer be created which would result in extinction of plants and minerals.
- PROJECT REBIRTH: The religion will defeat us. the disappearance of man will continue with the emergence of new species share the gods and goddesses that the man has spent all his time to worship.
- WORLDWIDE CONTAMINATION: The microscopic organisms such as bacteria and viruses will grow thanks to climatic changes and environmental. This will cause many vegetal and animal victims.
- WORLD WAR: The war will continue to grow share of tensions and fears of the differents states of the world.


Container : Blu ray (.M2TS)
Codec : H264/AVC
Audio : AC3
Resolution : 1280*720
Framerate : 50 fps

-> Enjoy and Feel the Animation !
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 107)
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  kolex (03 января 2010, 02:46)  
:smile: nice!
  Ukito (22 декабря 2009, 17:19)  
особо не понравилось... как то среднее. Вроде и всё есть..но в то же время не хватает чего то.
  brdm-69 (22 декабря 2009, 12:07)  
"Most beutiful clip"
Concept, idea, Quality!!! Colors.... UMMMM.....
But it seems BEST only on very good monitor. On new PVA - COOOLLLL

Big respect for STICKYGAIDEN!!!!
  -Kin- (22 декабря 2009, 10:04)  
Franchement, concept super interressant et tenu jusqu'au bout. Certaines sources font un peu tache a cote de d'autres, l'amv met du temps a se mettre en marche, mais en general j'ai trouvee ca tres bien. Je rejoins un peu aussi l'avis de neb concernant les textes ^^

(for once, I didn't need Google traduction, haha)
  Vektor (18 декабря 2009, 21:11)  
sequence of different thematic images.
Style difference between them, it's not good.
In general, not bad.
  Neb (16 декабря 2009, 23:43)  
J'ai bien aime.
La seul chose qui m'ai gene : les textes par moment manque de finesses et sont beaucoup trop clair par rapport a la video ou elles sont superposes.
Mais j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance et la thematique de ton clip.

Good job for me.

PS: i write in french because my english is bad.
  Fuel (15 декабря 2009, 23:03)  
Good clip,has begun only a little the tightened ^^ 7 for a clip :)
  STICKYGAIDEN (15 декабря 2009, 22:01)  
the 50 fps is a standard framerate in blu ray. (version
NTSC) ^ ^

However, the term "fps" is not really true, the refresh system of the image to a format is based on a M2TS
upscaled and offbeat on half frequency, consequently: to read this format
with convincing fluidity you need a decoder as well
Template like a blu ray player for exemple. ^ ^

I took a huge risk by creating this clip with the M2TS, few people
will see the best quality.
But do not worry, I will also create a version
. avi file in the coming weeks :wink:
  vivan (15 декабря 2009, 21:41)  
Just wondering, what is the point of 50 fps in alt version?
It's looks choppy (on 60hz display).
And primaty version have too low bitrate... :sad:
  AzonX (12 декабря 2009, 14:04)  
мне понравилось интересненько 9/10
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