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ExSphere  [ ExSphere ]
Страна:Waco, США
Видео: Samurai Champloo
Музыка: Sadistik - Writes of Passage (feat. vast air)
Жанр: Serious
Время: 4:12
Добавлен: 05.11.2009
Просмотров: 34097
Комментарий автора
Let's start off by saying I don't know any russian. If you know english, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented in english.

That out of the way this is my newest release with the anime Samurai Champloo. Once I saw the series I really wanted to make a rap video with it. I looked around but never could find the right song. My freind Arashinome hooked me up with this song and once I heard it I wanted to finish it.

This video relies a lot of lyric sync, if you get the lyrics and watch this video you will be amazed on how much sync's up. I remember going back and forth with scenes on certain lyrics to match it up. I probrably changed at least 50% of the scenes in this video because I found something that fit better.

Special thanks to my friend Reda who gave me some really good color corrections on this video.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 68)
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  AnimeFanaticBoy (10 января 2012, 21:28)  
  ExSphere (16 октября 2010, 05:30)  
[QUOTE=Dilemma,15 October 2010, 07:42][/QUOTE]
Glad I still got some fans on this site.
  Dilemma (15 октября 2010, 08:42)  
still loving it.. =) expressive work
  Likantrop (05 февраля 2010, 13:45)  
very good, thanks)
  ICEberg (17 декабря 2009, 16:51)  
Забавная вещь
но не более
  zzerg (15 декабря 2009, 23:12)  
The video is good, but it would be much better _without_ that lyricsync, and with some meaningfull plot or idea. Or at least somehting that seems like that :)
It's strange how Champloo goes well with rap so often (compared to other animes).
  Frost101 (14 декабря 2009, 23:30)  
странная смесь... но понравилось
  Adruin (14 декабря 2009, 01:14)  
  gapel (10 декабря 2009, 09:58)  
good, but so long and can't see story, only action
  overture (08 декабря 2009, 14:06)  
wasnt a big fan of the beginning, but as it went on i found i liked it more and more:3 captured the mood damn good tooXD "MAKE A SANDWICH!!"
7.5 cuz i wanna see more like this from you
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