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Andyme  [ Andyme ]
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Video: Various [ Canaan, Casshern Sins, Clannad, Ghoust Hound, Kara no Kyoukai, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, Shigofumi, Denpateki na Kanojo ]
Audio: John Williams - Carol of the Bells (Home Alone OST)
Genre: Drama
Length: 2:22
Added: 05.11.2009
Viewed: 37238
Author's Commentary
To say the least, I like contrast, because It offers a very effective way to express feelings and even meanings. Also could it be very useful for us to influance people, and get their attention. This amv is a w hole contrast too. But don't get me wrong, I do like Christmas, It's just that I felt like editing deeply depressing scenes to a cheerful song. The meaning is above...

Thank you!
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Viewers Comments (total: 75)
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  Andromaxa (16 November 2009, 05:51)  
хорошая идея, неплохо реализованная. 8
  Аристо (15 November 2009, 10:33)  
Красиво,но вот песня в принципе потходит...к Рождеству!
А так понравилось!9!
  Andyme (15 November 2009, 04:07)  
Maniaki: "i seriously Lol'd o_o --- Rape ---..............."

Lol'd on rape? o.O.... Well.... Thanks for trying to comment....

I appreciate all the comments! Thank you! :)
  Wraith (14 November 2009, 23:18)  
задумка не помне, но зделано хорошо
  loony_pin (13 November 2009, 15:31)  
I don't kike this text in smoke
but in general, not bad, interesting
  BenyoBoy (12 November 2009, 21:37)  
Rili najsz dszob Andy! ;)
  AKUNAMATATA (12 November 2009, 17:43)  
С такими убийствами это, наверн, еще и психодел!
  turbo2025 (12 November 2009, 15:30)  
The scenes change too fast, so you don't always have enough time to see what's happening on the screen. The brownish cast makes the AMV look... I don't know, maybe "flat"? I believe, it would be better, if you concentrated viewer's attention to sins with, for example, a different color, not with (aliased) text in smoke. 6/10
  C-Strelok (12 November 2009, 09:57)  
Чиво та я не врубилася: новый год и сцены насилия, самоубийства и т.п. как то не сочетаются на мой взгляд....
7 баллов
  B@rs (12 November 2009, 05:02)  
Задумка неплохая, но вот её реализация хромает. Особенно негармонично смотрелось "выползание/уползание" дымка с надписями, полными сакрального глубокомыслия.
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