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Maniaki  [ Maniaki ]
Video: Shigurui TV
Audio: Kronos Quartet & Mogwai - Finish It
Genre: psychopathic story instrumental
Length: 4:20
Added: 10.10.2009
Viewed: 11065
Author's Commentary
tribute to mostri
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Viewers Comments (total: 8)
  Maniaki (19 July 2010, 14:47)  
» kalich411:
не те ощущения, что от самого аниме, но тоже хорошо.
of course the feelings aren't same, why would i bother making this amv then ? :P
  AnimeFanaticBoy (06 July 2010, 07:25)  
Not bad man, I liked it
  kalich411 (05 July 2010, 18:16)  
не те ощущения, что от самого аниме, но тоже хорошо.
  bonbonn15 (11 October 2009, 13:20)  
Aah thanks ^^ i'll try to redownload it and then take a look again :wink:
  Maniaki (11 October 2009, 01:40)  
I've found a great problem with the download links ... I'll deal with it soon and put the links back o.-
  bonbonn15 (10 October 2009, 23:44)  
Ok thanks for your help i'll try it ;) and i'm really feeling sorry for you about the project... Have tryed something semilar myself XD
  Maniaki (10 October 2009, 21:08)  
ouch... no audio ?....
well i cant simply upload it in on any other format since this project took 28GB of my hard drive... and after finishing it up i removed all the atributes of the project... though you can see it on youtube search for "Mostri AMV" and 1st one that pops out is mine o.- thanks for your comment though
:footstep: <--- random smile o.o
  bonbonn15 (10 October 2009, 20:39)  
Haha it's great to finally read an "Author's commentary" in english, so that i wont have to use google translater to even understand a single word :laugh: Well but let's talk about your amv, because that is what really matters here :wink: The effekts were looking great and were pretty handsome made. (I think i'm gonna watch this anime because it looks so nice and bloody haha) :lol: But for me it was also pretty hard watching, because of one single reason... The audio did not work, and that pretty much most ruined the impression. So if you have any external link for this amv please send it to me ;) (and no it's not because of a wrong codecs because i use MPC with CCCP, and it did not work in any of my other players either :sad:)
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