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Video: Beyond Clouds
Audio: Yuki Kajiura - Yamiyo no prologue
Genre: Drama, Instrumental, Romance
Length: --
Added: 02.11.2008
Viewed: 10090
Awards:Best Instrumental AWA Expo 2008
Author's Commentary

This is a short amv I made in 3 days, since I wanted to make something simple. I had the footage ripped a while ago so I just started without really knowing what I'm going to do.
After edited the beginning I decided to integrate a story.
So the amv is kinda build up like this:

-Introduction (characters)
-Main Part (Story)

Technical details:

Nothing special to say here. The character light strokes at the beginning are just there to make the Introduction part a bit more interesting and the sky with the clouds took some time to render O: There isn't much else to say, besides some minor details which aren't really worth to mention.
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Viewers Comments (total: 5)
  spravochnik (31 July 2011, 17:28)  
Красиво. Я тащусь!
  kalich411 (14 August 2010, 15:15)  
Так себе, особенно если учесть, насколько хорош исходник.
  HiDeaki (03 November 2008, 20:59)  
beautiful trailer
good work
0:47-1:22 - very impressive time
colorless image is not needed in this AMV, i think

  Одиссей (03 November 2008, 15:48)  
в "зарубежных клипах" пополнение..
сделано весь ма неплохо, но и без сильных ходов в тех.плане... с):10 - по 0:22 - не понравилось совсем...
черно белые снимки - грубы для этого клипа
маска на 1:33 не без косяков...

Art - 9
M\V - 7
Tech - 7
Pers - 6
  Mizuki (03 November 2008, 00:35)  
Красиво... очень!
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