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Nono  [ Nono, Reach ]
Location:Besancon, France
Video: Various [ Tokyo Ghoul, K Project, Zankyou no Terror, Attack on Titan, Gantz, Aldnoah.Zero, Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Death Note, Akame ga Kill!, Rainbow, High School of the Dead, Kyoukai no Kanata ]
Audio: Zella Day - East of Eden
Genre: Drama
Length: 2:32
Added: 13.12.2015
Viewed: 11882
Author's Commentary
Yop ! Here is our video for this Akross. Reach find this music and we both wanted to edit it. Moreover it was clip is parallel for the attack in Paris, so we decided to do a story that much closer to this tragedy.
During the realization of this video, we were both very invested, there were often Skype calls and this is, I think, in that we learned to work together.
It was really a good experience even if it was rather hard to treat the subject and if we can do it again, we will do without hesitation.
Hopefully this video please everyone !
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Viewers Comments (total: 23)
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  KEN13 (02 Febuary 2016, 22:31)  
Классно, спасибо очень понравилось ^__^
  Bufer (25 January 2016, 03:17)  
very good work
pleasure to watch
  ICEberg (24 January 2016, 20:36)  
сюжет невнятен
отсутствуют даже формальные признаки драмы
рандомная нарезка кадров с разрушениями

техника есть
  DEDninja (06 January 2016, 02:25)  
Сделано вполне на ура, но часто попадаются одни и те же переходы. драмы нет.
Мои 7.5/10

  dumtumdum (22 December 2015, 19:13)  
good work
  S.A. Robert (22 December 2015, 11:25)  
Как попытка сделать клип на злобу дня, вполне неплохо, мне даже местами понравилось.
  Kvant (22 December 2015, 07:40)  
Музыка неплохая, а видео, кажется, рандом.
В целом неплохо, глянуть один раз можно, но не больше того.

» MesoGear:
Французы о наболевшем...
В смысле о погромах и т. п. ?
(ещё немножко подумав^^)
А, ты это про последние теракты, наверное...
  InsanitySupporter (22 December 2015, 01:36)  
The concept is nice, the editing could be better at some parts but is nice overall.
However, i think that it needed a better atmosphere or transmitir something, you are approaching an event that touched a big part of the world, so your video must be almost as touching...
  Whiterock (21 December 2015, 18:42)  
Song (not music) is quite unfit for the scenes, but you presented the idea of the clip quite nice, except that it felt random at the point where explosion screen time overtook human reactions to them.
  ZaRish (21 December 2015, 15:00)  
Хороший микс даже с небольшой стори. Многие и этим нас порадовать не могут. 7/10
» MesoGear:
некий сумбур добавляют кадры с мехами и название...
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