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Snowcrash  (AMV-France)  [ Snowcrash, Kaiser Panda, Hige San, Otak, Gilou, Aya Painsec, Gwench, Heavy and Atio ]
This is it.
Versus is finally released after 2 years of work.
I started this project in July 2008 just after my first video, Appleworld. I would like to manage a MEP in order to edit this music of the french band EZ3kiel, Versus, which is not very easy to approach. But you know, when you are a noob, it's not easy to find good editors interested in editing with a novice manager.
So I recruited few other noobs to create my team. The project took finally 2 years to be completed, then these noobs are not noob anymore (we got a level up in 2 years XD).

The music is quiet depressive like the video. It contains few mature sequences. We tried to do a very serious video. I hope you will "enjoy" it. The resolution (640*360) is now a bit too small. If I'd started the project later, I'd like to change it in 848*480. It's a matter when a project drag on. We did a lot of research to find adequate sources to illustrate every word (even if each of us had a different approach of the music).

Thanks for watching.
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Музыка    Микс [ EZ3kiel - Versus, Arovane - Windy Wish Trees ]
Жанр    Psychedelic, serious
6:27 | 75.44 Мб. | 640*360 | avc / aac
6:27 | 19.15 Мб. | avc / aac
6:27 | 118 Мб. | avc / aac
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Всего комментариев: 6[1]
kalich411  [ 03 июля 2010, 02:27 ]
ZEVS1993  [ 03 июля 2010, 02:22 ]
неплохой МЕП. 8
RogSC  [ 03 июля 2010, 00:58 ]
Прекрасный МЕР
S.A. Robert  [ 24 июня 2010, 14:36 ]
Cool, powerful technique and I liked the MEP. Transitions certainly liked it, cool and beautiful, I love the transitions through the mask.
In general, course-specific work has received. Score 10/10, a masterpiece.
KaWaii  [ 24 июня 2010, 14:11 ]
nice one!
NeKKo71  [ 22 июня 2010, 13:25 ]
Почему ваше "лого" занимает 1/5 всего AMV?

С вырезками из голливудских фильмов вы не туда пришли...

P.S. 6/10