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В составе Ассоциации очередное пополнение - по правилу "трёх клипов" в число Авторов АКРОССа принят Aggressor!
В разделе "AKROSS DVD" доступен для заказа официальный диск конкурса AKROSS Con 2008, содержащий как все клипы, принимавшие в нём участие, так и детальную информацию о конкурсе и ряд специальных бонусов.

Кроме того, был обновлён контент "Официального диска Ассоциации" (AKROSS DVD №3), с учётом всех прозошедших за год перемен.
AKROSS Con 2008 contest is officially over! By the results of finalists' vote, the best videos of this year's contest are:

1. De29v101L - Midnight Carnival
2. Nostromo - Running Man
3. Gidra - Rumble in the New York

You may find on our site the detailed statistics, full winners list, and traditional opinions of finalists about videos and contest.

Many thanks to all foreign editors who were brave enough to participate in such a massive and complex contest as AKROSS Con. ::) Thanks to you, now we may officially declare it's International status. We hope you've had fun along the road, and of course we'll be glad to see you again next year!
The voting for "Viewers' Choice" prize has begun. You may vote for your favorite videos from AKROSS Con 2008 on this page (only for registered users). The winner will be announced on December, 25.
By the results of viewers' voting, videos of Fusion Z, West, Hwoarang, Vladislav and AuN Studios will fill vacant 5 places in the finals. Congratulations!

To all finalists we remind that final voting will begin on December, 21 (the form will be send to your e-mail) and you must view all (50) videos from "Group A" before you may vote.
The viewers' voting for additional 5 finalists has begun. You may vote for your favorite videos from "Group B" (up to 5) on this page (you must be registered user to participate!).

The voting will last until December, 17.
So, 45 finalists have been appointed for AKROSS Con 2008:

_Xcite_, Aggressor, Archivist, Artofeel, Bea$t, BRDM-69, Corsair, De29v101L, Derisor, Dextro, Fai-Fai, FreY, Galia & Kitty, gangrell, Gidra, Glena, HiDeaki, his1productions, HQ-MEDIA, Kain-x-Spirits, Kaito, KEX, Misk, narutomaniac, neko lover, nerjaveika, Nostromo, Odissey, Phantasmagoriat, Pokich, rave, RJ, Scarab, seriy, Shepherd, SP@UN, Squall(c), TakigAVA SkY, Uk@R, Vakaseemer, Vellure, Wesker, ZetZu, zzerg, Патриоты Вечной Зимы.

Our congratulations to the creators who made it to finals!

To those who did not get there directly we remind that you still have chances to fill one of five vacant places after the viewers' vote on the forum (will start after all videos from "Group B" have been shown).

The remaining videos from "Group B" will be demonstrated in the next 2-3 days.
Attention to all participants! The deadline for sending your questionnairies (with video info) was pushed forward to December, 1.

Other major dates was changed as well:

Qualifications for the finals - December, 10.
Voting between finalists - December, 20-22.
Winners announcement - December, 25.
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