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Ridiculous - BIPOLAR
 Okami & LukeG (1)
Genuine flow with care of montage. The images fits really well with the music and the atmosphere is strong. Best video.
 Glitzer (1)
This was my favorite of the contest. It is absolutely gorgeous and it moved me deeply.
 JustRukia (1)
Одна из работ которая запомнилась мне своим интересным сочетанием музыки и видео. Хорошая постановка сцен и повествование клипа.
 Kroner (1)
emotional, something I always search in a vid, also technically solid and song+anime combo almost perfect.
 Miso (1)
I´m honest, "personally"... although this is my 1. Place, anyhow it isn´t the Masterpiece for that Placement, for a contest like Akross! Just my opinon. So it was hard for me to decide between 1. and 2. Place...drama was barely there, and don´t really touched me, it was more a good mood. BUT in the end, it stands out with a clean and harmonious work, matching song, just a good was really pleasant, I like it. Congratulations!
 muximu (1)
o(*////▽////*)Very romantic
 PieandBeer (1)
perfect mix of mood and aesthetic! clear winner in my book
 PriceQ (1)
I love this video.No reason.
 Bimyou (2)
One of the surprises from this con, I love the way you conveyed the feelings in this video, the mood is perfect and the way you create the atmosphere is stunning, can't wait for more stuff from you!
 Kawai ishi (2)
Очень нежный клип, так же заворожил мейкинг оф, все настолько продумано и аккуратно... Сюжет не банален, музыка потрясающая, очень трогательная работа.
 MadMegatax (2)
THIS WAS SO TOUCHING AND GOOD AAAAAAH. It has this really great balance of melancholy and intensity that really just brings out the emotions in both the main source and the song. Awesome job!
 Death_Kn1ght (3)
Сложная, очень техничная работа, над которой нужно поразмыслить...
DamnKazu - Can't Hold Us
 Simfony (1)
Мне понравилась музыка.
 Kottai (2)
I think he innovated on dance genre, his video is unique and the edit of the video is amazing! It seems the lot of effort he did for this video and I really loved it!
 Kroner (2)
I always wanted to do something like that but thx god DamnKazu did it for me so I don't have to spend so much time on something like that. Cool and really funny vid, it makes you smile, very close with first place to me until the very end, but I'm an emotional guy
 Azexous (2)
It's easy to guess why I ranked this video so high. If it weren't for the concept being done quite a lot, it would've been higher, but nevertheless, it is a very well done video with monstrous masking and good technicals. Well done.
 CacoVenom (2)
great job in overal but the end is lacking of more dynamics scenes and transition.
 Bimyou (3)
Radical Dreamer - Our Fate
 Arcothy (1)
8.4 What a beauty! Its so clean, very very clean editi8ng and also on a high skilllevel. Music just fits overall even with the fast paste editing. I would love to see one more "break" and more clean and slow effectscenes, just like at the beginning. It just keeps going fast and doesnt stop. I dont know the Fate-series but this really motivates me to watch it.
 Kawai ishi (1)
Очень хорошая работа, поразил мейкинг оф, внедрение 3D захватывает - это новый уровень композитинга в AMV. Как и предыдущие работы автора, в этой работе очень плавный видеоряд, грамотная ЦК, композитинг - в общем, эта работа меня поразила и вдохновила.
 Kazumoe (1)
Unusual song choice for the type of editing and maybe not the perfect pick for the fate series but personally the amv ive enjoyed most in this contest. I couldnt take my eyes off and time flew watching this thanks to the stunning visuals and the epic atmosphere created.
 okhostok (1)
Клип очень качественный. Много грамотных технический решений и умеет создать у зрителя вау эффект в начале клипа.
 Glitzer (2)
This is the fate video I wished I came up with. Dangit.
 Miso (2)
She has proved it again which makes a good action amv! and with an immense increase to the previous year. you can see all the work behind it... great implementation of Concept, Story and Design of visuel effects, my reasons for 2. Place. thanks for that!
 JustRukia (3)
Хоть в работе и есть недостатки, но если не сильно придираться, то в целом это добротный экшн.
Azexous - Marvel
 AoNoFlamez (1)
Easily the video carried the song this time ! Great video with a great story, gave me weird vibes.
 Coach (1)
While I didn't give it 1st in different categories we could vote for because I thought the author was capable of tweaking some things I was entertained. At the videos length I thought it'd drop off but it stayed consistent whilst changing.
 Bimyou (1)
I can't say a lot, the video is basically perfect, the design of visual effects is always one of the key elements in your videos, so it's not like it would be surprising from me to tell you how aesthetically pleasant this is.
Great job <3
 RoseBeautyDreams (1)
This amv is unique, very well made and the effects were really good! It's "weird" but in a good way that makes you wanna watch more than just once.
 Mycathatesyou69 (2)
 okhostok (2)
I cannot imagine how much effort author has put into this clip. Animated masks with characters make it stand out and it is so beautifully designed.
 rgb (3)
This one took me a while to "get", but I ended up watching it many times after leaving the initial impression in the comments because of how it made me feel. Even that glitchy mess at the end I totally dig - it goes so well with the audio. I placed this one at the top mostly because I value good psychedelic clips and how they walk the thin line of balancing things that break your brain and things that soothe it. This one was overall a success so good job!
Kroner - Deus Ex Machina
 Death_Kn1ght (1)
11 минут удержать зрителя не каждый сможет. А тут ещё и так ! =)
 Oscar (1)
I've watched this video several times, what's more difficult for an 11-minute video? keep the viewer's attention alive, and I think that with this video Kroner has succeeded well; I have to congratulate you.
I love the plot of this video, it was something fresh, also more different anime match up very well, in some case i can't recognize the difference anime. I like this modern/apocalyptic world that you have created.
the effects are perfectly integrated with the source and with the concept, great use of sound.
My favourite of this con.
 Magikarp (1)
I love the futurist ambient on this video. The visual effects is the best.
 AoNoFlamez (2)
If i can watch a video that long that means it's good at least for me :p
Good story and a lot of hard work was done.
 RoseBeautyDreams (2)
Well it's obvious that this required hard work and I admire the people who put hard work! The story the sound fx, the voices the whole atmosphere were really good and I enjoyed it! You did the right thing and you bet on it.
 Hilary Cullen (3)
Very long and may be inaccessible to some people, but if you watch it in full and give it your attention, it's worth it. Very soulful and cohesive story, combined with balanced and discreet editing.
 Kawai ishi (3)
Этот клип... вернее, уже как короткометражный фильм, заставил прилипнуть к монитору, 11 минут прошли незаметно. Я очень обрадовалась, что был выбран жанр киберпанка, исходники так грамотно и гармонично сплетены, что чувствуешь цельную историю.
Bimyou - kms: kawaii metal symphony
 Okami & LukeG (2)
It transmits energy, you feel like a dragon when you complete it. The video that is most synchronized with the music of this contest.
Okami & LukeG - Bluster
 rgb (2)
Biggest surprise of the con with that video-audio combo and right before starting on the winners voting too! I must admit, I did not expect this to be as good as it turned out to be. The track's cover compares to the original somewhat, the sync of the scenes and effects with the music is top notch. Yeah, one of my favorites from the con and completely out of nowhere. Bravo!
 Oscar (2)
The old school does not lie. I love this amv, i like how they managed the selection scene, effects are stunning.
Best Action of the contest for me.
 Miso (3)
I don´t know why, but it wasn´t in the categorie for Fun?! that would be my 1. Place there...
uhm anyway... this was just pure Entertainment. Ok, it wasn´t clean and few things were ugly but for a 5 minute amv, it has got so many ideas and many funny moments and the lyrics machtes to the song.
I had to reward it somehow : )
JustRukia - Hope
 Azexous (1)
Absolutely powerful video. The emotion it carries is quite heavy and I felt it everytime I watched it. Despite the fact that the anime is used a lot, I find this AMV to be the staple Violet Evergarden AMV mainly for how perfectly it portrays the source and achieving this with very simplistic editing is an incredible feat. This is why I chose it to as my first place. Amazing work you've done there, JustRukia.
 Mycathatesyou69 (1)
I dig this a lot. It's nice to see this type of Violet Evergarden video done, and it's a wonder tribute to Violet as a character.
 MadMegatax (3)
This is one of the few Violet Evergarden AMVs to actually make me feel something about the show. Of course, that's not to say that's the reason I voted for it. The emotional beats were so on point and everything about the video just came across so well. Awesome job!
Glitzer - Happy Little Clouds
 CacoVenom (1)
I saw a great video except for a couple of things like impact this video is lacking of it, your flow flow was awesome and the transitions as well however i saw that it was lost in a couple part, the begiining was awesome but at the end I saw like if the choice for the scene did not match the begining. in general it was a an awesome hard work
 JustRukia (2)
Можно сказать, что музыка определенным образом сложно сочетаема с аниме в целом. Но работа по подбору исходников и поиску кадров, все же заставляет положительно отнестись к данному клипу.
 Simfony (2)
Мне нравиться Боб Росс
 Mycathatesyou69 (3)
Big booty bitches is all I see.
Magikarp - My Lucky Strike
 Hilary Cullen (1)
This kind of "meta" video is not unique, but it was executed in a very clean and endearing way. It was not dissonant and pretentious as some others I've seen before, and I was smiling from start to finish.
 Kottai (1)
He used a very original idea, his edit in this video is really good and I really enjoyed his video from the beggining to the end!
 FobosAMV (3)
Да, знаю, идея далеко не новая, но эй ! Хотя бы не унылая романтота и в целом клип смотрелся вполне себе с интересом, хоть трек и лютый боян, меня это никогда не останавливало от просмотра хорошего клипца ! GG !
Giorgi ジオ - Catastrophe
 Coach (3)
Unique brand of video as the author comes from a very weird section of the community and he was able to display some of the strengths they have and a different brand of video. Wasn't my favorite, I actually didn't even intend to give it third but if you're not first you're last, hope he keeps that in mind and pursues further growth and uses where ever he places as motivation to continue making project he invest himself in.
Mycathatesyou69 - Dark Machiavelli
 Magikarp (2)
The overall is good, clean and clear. I like it.
 Kazumoe (3)
Im a code geass fanboy so this was porn for me. Great flow with nearly perfect scene selection. Not a fan of the saber fx but thats all that bothered me.
 Azexous (3)
Easily, the best character profile in the contest. I have not watched the source but I felt like I completely understood everything about Lelouch and I really want to watch Code Geass because of this video. Everything made sense, the vibes are strong and had me feel uneasy as I watched the AMV. Good job mchy you dicknugget.
Davide_hxc - Schizophrenia
 MadMegatax (1)
This was the most enjoyable video for me this contest. Usually with Death Note videos I don't see this type of intensity or flow, and it gave a completely different experience from what I'm used to. I've already watched it multiple times, and it's still so good. Awesome job!
 Oscar (3)
I love the combination between anime and song, the sync is perfect, absolutely one of my favourite of this contest
 Magikarp (3)
The story is clear and the song with the anime is a nice combo.
Mari - True Love
 Giorgi ジオ (1)
i really like the 8bit aspect,great job
 FobosAMV (2)
Yes, i wanna play this game =)
Подкупил концепт и в целом комбо хорошее, клип приятный, одним словом.
 Simfony (3)
Мне нравится pixel art
 CacoVenom (3)
video shows great story development however your video lacks of sound effect you were just using the same all over again, you had a great oportunity to use something diferrent when you did those slides transitions, the rest of the video was awesome, graphic match concept and the effect used was great too.
UnluckyArtist - Kizmet
 Coach (2)
Romance for people who've explored life outside the internet.
Coach - Morsecode
 Giorgi ジオ (3)
havent seen anything like it, really loved the concept since it fits the anime
 PieandBeer (3)
you made an overused source look fresh again. really enjoyed it!
Arcothy - LAY DOWN
 Mari (1)
Amazing concept and brilliant execution. This video is fairly the best in this contest.
 Death_Kn1ght (2)
Добротный веселый клип с отличным, а главное, оригинальным М/В. Исходник уже всех бесит, а работа смотрится отлично, так надо уметь :3
 Arcothy (3)
8.0 With that much "still" frames it rly feels dynamic and always alive. Very good camera movements with long scenes. There is always enough energy with every scene to keep up the interrest the hole time. Some scenes with too much movement (animescenes) sometimes feel out of place and i would also like to see some more interresting transitions. Overall, i like it and i want to watch it again and again.
 Kroner (3)
I love this style, I still want to know how much work there is here since I don't know nothing on sources, but I placed third place cause I really like it, that's the most important thing
 okhostok (3)
Автор пошел совершенно новым путём: Использовать многих визуальных новел для создания клипа с хорошо выдержанной динамикой. Так как я знаю что работать с визуальных новел в разы сложнее чем работать с обычних исходников и причем этот клип является отличным результатом многих авторских труд, этот клип достоин быть среди призеров.
PriceQ - Time
 Ridiculous (1)
+ Delicate atmosphere, perfect audio design, which i loved.
- Sources need to update.
 Hilary Cullen (2)
Time is something that can signify different things to different people. That's why this video succeeds; it's a clear canvas where the viewer can see themselves and feel, the images can be twisted every which way. Beautiful visual and audio work.
 muximu (2)
awesome work!
Miso - interconnected FortunA
 Arcothy (2)
8.3 Very lovely piece of art, rly uses the song to 100% every little bit and developes an interrest to what comes next. Using effekt at the right amount to improve the music. At some points i would love to see more dynamics then just the same zoom effekt. Also i would like a "cleaner" work at some frames to make it more smooth. The Story rly pulls me in and doesnt disapoint at the end! I rly apprechiete high risk high reward editing! (I love the shinjizoom)
Cegan - Nowhere
 Mari (3)
Each part of this amv, for sure, has a detail. The execution was awesome and the feeling is unique.
MadMegatax - The Greatest Revue
 RoseBeautyDreams (3)
I really loved everything in this, story, song, clean edit, sync... The whole atmosphere was just awesome!
Simfony - Zero people on Earth
 FobosAMV (1)
Ну вообще знаете, не особо нравится подобное, но тут что-то прям очень зацепило, наверное я единственный, кто проголосовал за данный клип. Вообще одна из очень немногих работ, что скачал с этого акросса. Залип надолго, спасибо, наверное, давно не хватало чего-то подобного как мне, так и в целом таких клипов на конах !
 rgb (1)
Как поставил работу на первое место после первого (и 20го) просмотра, так он там и остался. Полное погружение, почти идеальный темп, трек, который вместе с альбомом забрал себе, "правильные" 30 фпс дополняющие видеоряд - вот и получается лучший клип на конкурсе.
 Mari (2)
I loved the perspectives included in this video. It's a bit static but at the same time is interesting. In my opinion, that's the way to make a genius amv.
 Okami & LukeG (3)
It is calm, peaceful. It reassures you. But there is something psychedelic in the depth that is not clear, but is perceived. The scenes are very beautiful, everything flows very well. I liked it.
DopplerDo - Going Under
 Kazumoe (2)
Technical not the best BUT the perfect storytelling makes up for it.
 IceMooNi (2)
I liked the connection between music and video, I really liked the atmosphere that the author showed. I like it!
muximu - Come with me
 Ridiculous (2)
+ A good start and an excellent end.
- the middle part is really a mess.
okhostok - Lifetime²
 IceMooNi (1)
The most unusual work in the competition, which was remembered. It is difficult to imagine how much effort was spent on this project, but it definitely caused emotions. Love it!
FobosAMV - No Mercy
 IceMooNi (3)
As far as I know, the author has a lot of experience in action and this work impressed me. Well done!
RoseBeautyDreams - Soldiers Of Justice
 Glitzer (3)
I just love the intensity, it was super cool to watch!
Konst - Between Two Fires
 Kottai (3)
In my opinion this was one of the amv I most enjoyed. Maybe other videos were better at some points but i think he managed really great and had a great result in his video with a clean and simple edit
jinshi - Absolutely save you
 Ridiculous (3)
+ To you, you take a great advance, congratulation.
- Effect and your camera movement need to be modified.
 muximu (3)
Fataleditz - Steins Gate Cinematic trailer
 Giorgi ジオ (2)
amazing atmosphere, 10/10 wouldnt be surprised if this became the official trailer
rgb - First Contact
 PieandBeer (2)
i adore this video. you achieved a smoothness that i very rarely see in videos and the video is a ride from start to finish! fantastic mood
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Vexare - The Clockmaker