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Umika - Sincerity

AimoAio (1): My favourite of yours is still Metamorphose, I felt like you spent more effort and time on that or maybe because this romance/alternate story/crossover idea is getting a little old. I would love to see something different from you. About the video, the scenes are still amazingly crafted...but there are some scenes that felt artificial and lack the touch they had in Metamorphose, and I know you can do so much better. The original scenes in this just didn't seem to fit as well in the video as the ones from Metamorphose did. The atmosphere and the story in this is very nice though - abstract enough with space for imagination but still easy to understand and feel from just the video. Anyway it's a fantastic video, definitely worthy of 1st place.

AniPAL Studios (1): Certainly the same style as before. But she made her owm world. It's so creative. I believe that her amv is beyond all praise.

AxisPOV (1): Clear work!!! =3

Benreparn (1): Umika makes the most beautiful AMV's i have ever seen and this one is no exception. It's stunning in both visual aspects and presentation.

cecco (1): Umika,i must say that even if it is the same thing, I'm always surprised so there aren't words except "f antastic work".

Centurione (1): Really great technical work and very interesting execution. Even though the author didn't care that much about details (bad masks at the beginning and pretty disturbing visuals of original animation), overall editing, concept, flow and effects were enough to make up for it. Also, I loved the concept having the right mood along with the song, so the video was perfect both in its 'music video' role as well as being a separate story.

Deidara94 (1): Атмосферная, душевная и "сложная" работа. Да, пускай и созданная по накатанным рельсам, зато с успехом. Первый раз смотрится на одном дыхании, не давая времени придраться к каким-либо мелочам. И это, я считаю, важно.

DigiCat (1): awesome!
I'm a fan of you. I am glad you are participating in this contest.
And you told me to meet the expectations of us. xD

DistrixAMV (1): Umika is an editor who embodies sheer beauty, obscurity, and a breathtaking vision. Imagination becomes a reality with every bit of intricacy and complexity one could only hope to understand. Each and every aspect in "Sincerity" has its own significance in revealing a story told with such elegance. There has been so many crossover entries present in this year's contest that one would think that videos of this nature would become redundant. She never fails to bring life back into the art. The various anime present in the video were merged in a way that anyone would be likely to believe she solely used one. The effects, storytelling, fluidness, and technique still leave me speechless even after countless viewings. No words could ever begin to explain how amazing this entry was and how Umika has grown as an editor over the years.

Dn@ (1): Da Da

Emong (1): A very nice continuation of Umika's distinctive and beautiful style. Minimalistic and haunting video.

Fynjy (1): надеюсь это только начало =).

JavySempai & RiceAMV (1): Good technical features, nice use of Red Giant's Ae Particular as well as anatomy of anime drawings. Good knowledge of Photoshop applied onto Video.

JustRukia (1): Наверное, если бы я сам себя спросил – “Кого я хотел видеть победитель?”
Конечно достойную работу во всех аспектах труда. Поэтому у меня даже как такого выбора небыли, кому дать первое место. Хоть клип и не вызывала у меня особой симпатии, но личные пристрастия (в данном случаи) не должны мешать здравому смыслу. Поэтому я ставлю данный клип не тока на первое место, но и на планку почета.

KenjiKyou (1): Единственный клип, в котором все компоненты проработаны до идеала. Залипал на нём очень долго.

liuce (1): I would say that this is more like to my taste, but still your amvs too sweet, you should experiment and drop that sweetness ^^ but no matter that your amv is masterpiece.

mastamind (1): What can I say that hasn't already been said? Perfect job, an editor taking their hobby like a professional. Very admirable.

Megamen (1): Удивительно красивая, эмоциональная, дико качественная во всех отношениях работа с такой редкой сейчас "душой"...

MentalTsui (1): I don't think I need to say why I picked this entry. :-P

monialiskaAMV (1): I extremely loved the finished effect, but after seeing the "making off" thingy I realised how much work the editor had to do, and time had to spend on this to make it that amazing, as it is, and the story /effects/atmosphere and everything in all was absolutely fantastic !!! Gj Umika !!!

NightSlayer (1): Действительно крутая работа

Okami (1): Personally I don't like so much, but is the best compared to all other videos in technique , concept and special effects. Nice interpolation at 30 fps while the drawings are horrible all disproportionate.

Rebelion (1): Нормас.

Scittalec (1): Очередная невероятная работа Umika(и). Техническое исполнение поражает - невооруженным глазом едва ли можно отличить один исходник от другого. Сюжет, возможно, не радует оригинальностью, но тем немение вызывает поток эмоций.
Единственное на что хочется обратить внимание автора( и это только лишь после того как отделался от восторга после просмотра) уделить внимание поиску новых идей и сюжетных линий - было бы здорово увидеть в исполнении Umika(и) что-то еще более поразительное и оригинальное

Seliafel (1): Няшно, красиво, эфортно ^___^

Shinzo (1): When I looked in the amv umika wondered she did it really?
umika the best editor 2012 amv

TARI-blue (1): My English is very poor, so very sorry not to evaluate in detail.In conclusion, this work as a whole is very fantasy,the technology and expression is in place, which I want to see.

TritioAFB (1): A real present to the eyes: A very balanced clip in terms of the technics, edition and story. Although I can easily recognize all the scenes and montages, it's still a very interesting clip. If you decide to try to understand the story, you have to enter into Umika's world. I consider your clips a kind of reflection of yourself, good job.

xDreww (1): Simply amazing. Very creative, showed good emotion transition and story. Well understood concept. I find it amazing how Umika can drew her own scenes to make it look the best way to match the anime scene which she tried to show. Not really much to say that it was just a masterpiece once again. I loved every last second. This is why you're one of my favorite editors.

[69] (1): Шикарный клип заслуживающий первое место !

[key]Scarlet (1): I think it was the best among all the videos premiered. It was well edited, the atmosphere was really nice and so was the use of effects. Although I didn't liked the ending which I consider abrupt, the whole vision has been enjoyable.

[madaraxD] (1): Always a pleasure watch Umika´s works, well done, the creativity of the author is amazing.

Echotrooper (2): Really nice!

EllipseIris (2): Umika's work amazed me once again. Actually you can't say anything bad, her taste of designing is the one that can please me the most, and she does it bloody well! This is the kind of stuff that could amaze me even without any actual meaning/concept, but she had even a story! Well, the story is maybe not something that we haven't heard before, but her technical work could make us see things, that are fresh, in order to introduce the story, and she was so successful with it, that caused me tearing.

The only negative thing I could say is that it's too good and I can't help feeling envy while watching.

Kain-x-Spirits (2): Impressive technical skill, and it's from far beyond the other contestants. This video has somehow an interesting mood, but it's kinda cold and it lacks appeal.

SachaValentine (2): Nice effects, story and atmosphere.

SelfishPromise (2): Very well done, I loved how the various sources were used. However, this could have been my number one very easily if the story was a bit more clear. The technical aspects were good, but it lacks an explanation for what happened.

Cenit (3): Outstanding work - technically the best of Akross Con 2012 but it falls a bit short on story. Also Song has a lot good AMVs already, so for me it lacks creativity on that end. Other than that your skills are most amazing next to qwaqa. Maybe one day i will try animating sth myself, but i will need a lot of hard work to get to this level you already have.

gabbermd (3): nice crossover!

Realibel (3): I know Umika's style, many people knows the last crossover made. So I was excited to see it, and maybe at the start it's difficult to understand the story and the atmophere of this amv, so for it deserves the third place and not the second. But I'm addicted it, I watch it everyday, because I didn't know Chitanda's characther in this way, nobody did. But Umika made an amazing work showing emotions that I could never imagine with Kyouka. So deep and sad, but addicting.

Echotrooper - Expiation

-Cross- (1): Parfait ca merite la 1ere place

gabbermd (1): I was immediately struck by the story love it!!

Luciole (1): Un clip avec beaucoup de travail et de boules, c'ets vraiment tres elegant, bravo,c'est tres fort.

MagicDarkLight (1): The best "horror feeling" video I could have seen and an outstanding crossover work on the implementation with a perfect editing. What else?

SachaValentine (1): Nice atmosphere, music, effets... and realy nice story !

cecco (2): It was great, in my opinion it deserves the second place.

drewaconclusion (2): I appreciated the original ghost story as well as the pacing and atmosphere.

Emong (2): A very unique storyline, which makes one want to visit the video again and again. The visual effects carry the mood.

JavySempai & RiceAMV (2): Very nice multi-anime crossover, actually creepy unlike most horror genre amvs.

Megamen (2): Клип который взял не столько свои качеством, сколько оригинальными подходами в плане монтажа и подачи истории.

S.A. Robert (2): Грамотно реализованная идея для кроссовера, много интересных технических решений. Клип достоин быть высоко.

TARI-blue (2): the most surprised VIDEO in the match

Umika (2): the best in its genre. GJ

XIII (2): Clear story, clean editing - cool music video.

[key]Scarlet (2): Great editing here. Superb atmosphere and scene selection from different sources. I liked the use of effects and the whole video was solid and coherent.

DigiCat (3): Great imagination! awesome!

DistrixAMV (3): Though another crossover, "Expiation" was not like any other. Using various anime on a grand scale, Echotrooper allowed the story to unfold with ease. Deeming this video as "outstanding" is an understatement. This entry was so much more than that.

Dn@ (3): GG cyborg

Fynjy (3): качественный атмосферный клип.

JustRukia (3): Интересная и атмосферная работа. С довольно хорошо продуманной концепцией и реализацией. И что для меня самое главное показывает жанра horror с другой стороны. Попытка взять глубинной клипа, а не жуткими звуками и кадрами. Да соглашусь, что клип не капельки не пугает, так-как трек должен быть куда глубже. Но в этой работе я вижу именно иной подход, хоть многие скорее посчитают иначе.

Kain-x-Spirits (3): In terms of crossover, that's not the most neat amv we can find. But, unlike the others it's very well edited, with some nice transitions and a lot of good ideas. And it changes from all these shitty, slow, romance/drama videos we can find lately.
Good work.

Seliafel (3): Классная история про призрака-убийцу водителей x)

[madaraxD] (3): Different crossover, is not like the others (drama, etc). Nice story and technically is well done.
Bea$t - Goddess of Destruction

De29v101L & Sintara (1): качественно, задает атмосферу, останется лучшим на данный исходник.

Kaito (1): это мой способ выразить уважение за проделанную работу, вложенные усилия и тот итог, который смог зацепить и произвести впечатление при полном равнодушии к обоим исходникам (видео и и аудио) по отдельности. получилось очень круто. и очень красиво, по-своему, но очень.

S.A. Robert (1): Клипы связанной с мангой, моя слабость, а Bea$t в этот раз угодил мне на 100%. Я сам делая свой конкурсный клип, прочитал всю мангу Claymore, поэтому объём работы представляю, так как впечатления свежи.
P.S. Достойный уход с авторской стези, тебя будет не хватать. На фоне большинства безликих работ, твои клипы очень выделялись.

NightSlayer (2): Действительно крутая работа

Umika (3): Рада, что автор все-таки доделал эту работу ;)
S.A. Robert - Nimb

Cenit (2): Like, how the 2nd AMV released for Akross Con 2012 came also in 2nd in my rating. You did a great job and i highly enjoyed it. No real criticism here. Maybe next time some more dynamics. Other than that yep - that's how it's done.

AxisPOV (3): Я хз что это!,но понравилось.

Benreparn (3): While the concept isn't unique, it's certainly not common and this one is executed perfectly. i have nothing more to say than amazing work and great choice of music.

Centurione - Petal

Mosaic (2): Technically, timing was right, flow felt natural, masks were not bad, the color correction was somehow a little absurd to me, even I like blue, it felt very saturated and the storytelling didn't convinced me. Personally, a very calm and fresh video, but I had a problem with Houtarou & Erio, I know you used Erio here together with your blue concept because she has a blue hair and it would felt nice on the video, but still, It didn't looked right, not a big connection between those two.

TritioAFB (3): Miss, I told you once I was going to comment this one, so this time has comen: This video shows you've entered into a true level up remembering previous releases. Its atmosphere is really powerful. Your manage of the changes of beats are very impressive even when this kind of songd are supposed to be more slow. I expect a good future for your next videos after this one.

Bea$t (3): Сильная и эмоциональная работа. Приятная стилизация видео и очень уместный трек в сочетании с грамотно подобранными кадрами.

EllipseIris (3): It's hard to tell.. why ask for my comment? Haven't you seen that it's out of this world??
Honestly I loved everything about it. The editor used an instrumental song, and it did not miss anything! The editing was dynamic, kept attention and the catharsis did happen!! I was so glad! I was wondering that it was even better than the video I put for 2nd place :D
Respect for the creator.

Kaito (3): совершенно красивая работа. не филигранная, не точная, не выверенная с точки зрения какой-то эстетики - не в этом смысле. просто - красивая. и идеей, и её исполнением. цепляет.

Shinzo (3): a beautiful story with a great way of editing

Okami - Dark City

XIII (1): Excellent action and a great song, an instant favourite.

hiroki_999 (2): According to the title, I think that views of the world that is dark are reproduced well.
It is believed that the use of the scene very well.

JadeCharm (2): I love this because you never know whats really going on but you have the feeling that everything belongs together and has a meaning :D
The different sources were put together very well! Nice use of effects!

AimoAio (3): Dunno what to say about this really, it's just awesome and I like it? Cool concept, great editing, fantastic mood, effective use of effects, excellent light/colouring....pretty much how a great AMV should be done. I've always loved your style of editing since you seem to have a good sense of rhythm and this one was no less. Good job.

drewaconclusion (3): You matched the energy and pacing of the song very well.

Echotrooper (3): Really cool amv, I liked it!

Emong (3): One of the best flowing action videos of the year. A nice, cool touch.

SelfishPromise (3): It has a great atmosphere overall, good sync, a nice use of visual effects and kept me watching until the end even though the song wasn't exactly my taste.

Dn@ - M : TriXx

Echotrooper (1): Du travail de patron.

Kain-x-Spirits (1): To me, it's the best video. Pleasent to watch, and very well edited.
Nice work.

AimoAio (2): I do not know why so many people are confused by the story, because I felt like you did a very good job at showing your concept. I also really liked how you used only one source and modified it to fit with your story because as a fan of the show I really appreciate all the technical work that went into this, very impressive. Plus the effects really aid to the style of the AMV and matches incredibly well with the anime. (as shown by the IM icons and messages) And while I loved your transitions I do think the blur slides are a bit overdone at times however the lights are nice and personal touches like the password and at 0:55 are cool.

JustRukia (2): Самая пересматриваемая работа с кона, спасибо отличному монтажу за это и прекрасному настроению.
Всегда ценил такие работы, хоть и было действительно много отличных работ, но я хочу позволить себе дать слабину. И в данной ситуации это простительно, поэтому вот так.

Luciole (2): Un clip action comme je les aime, avec une technique subtil et tres d'accord de Noguier-kun.

Centurione (3): Unbelievably decent and great technical work. Awesome transitions and dynamics. I know the source is pretty hard to work with, that's why it gives even better improssion being edited this way. Really enjoyable watch, flawless editing and a great concept (too bad most of the viewers didn't get it though).

Uk@R (3): Стильная работа, превосходное м/в и очень приставучая песня =)

Seliafel - Secrets of emotions

JazzsVids (1): I thought this was the most original concept I'd seen in an AMV for a long time. It was well edited and very well thought out. The music selection was also wonderful.

Umika (1): Необычная, закрученная, аккуратная и сильная работа, проделанная автором.
Среди всех клипов на коне, как глоток свежего воздуха в плане оригинальности.
Сели, тащии~

AniPAL Studios (2): The real story teller. I watched so many crossovers with too easy story this year. If you want to tell a story in your video, the story itself must be interesting. This amv met the request beautifully.

Deidara94 (2): Концепт всия концептов! Трудоголия в терминальной стадии! В голове не укладывается, если честно - это ж сколько времени было не жалко на работу... нда. Жалею лишь о том, что не понял всё с первого просмотра. В остальном же - очень здоровский клип.

liuce (2): It was so cute and also mystical. And of course originality is best in this amv :}

[madaraxD] (2): A lot of work here, nice crossover and story.

mastamind (3): I loved this one. Lovely story, creative use of effects, overall a winner.

xDreww (3): Great concept, thought it was as pretty good idea to show cats vs cats trying to take over the world. The song matched pretty nicely, I loved everything from this video. Liked the fact that "Happy" was the main cat because hes that baddass. Great masking and scene selections really helped this video. Really think this AMV should be top 3 for this contest.

DigiCat - Each Moment

Benreparn (2): I'm a sucker for dance videos and wow this one really blew my mind. I love the technical work and I saw quite some effects I felt I have never seen before in an AMV. over all, very good video.

Hikado95 (2): BEST!!! DANCE!!
I remember your video and I am sure it will be very difficult to overcome

horizon-ext (2): good job!

JazzsVids (3): This AMV was beautiful. I love the colors and the original fx. It was a very well made amv.

JustRukia - The New World

Cenit (1): Close to perfect piece of Art. Highly enjoyable, great design, great effort. Thanks for inspiring me.

AxisPOV (2): Cложно! не могу описать.

Scittalec (2): Дал слабину и был очарован красочным миром на экране живущем...

Seliafel (2): Арты интересно анимированы, и вообще клип эпичен =)

Uk@R (2): Эффортно, красиво. Клипы на статичный исходник всегда вызывают уважение, и этот - приятное не-исключение из правил.

[69] (2): Автор приятно удивил. Видно что было потрачено много сил на создание этого шедевра.

De29v101L & Sintara (3): Необычно, технично, атмосферно, довольно уникально.

JavySempai & RiceAMV (3): Refreshing, good to see something fairly new and dynamic. Kept me watching until the end unlike most videos.

Kimihairu (3): Такого восторга я не испытывал со времен "Bad Apple", честно. Удивительнейшая работа, стоившая автору затрат колоссального объема сил, терпения и, наверное, упрямства. Его страсть ко вселенной Тохо сделала свое дело. Мне просто нечего добавить. Разве что, дальнейшего успеха в творчестве. Благодарю за эпик. :}

Megamen (3): Тяжёлый труд нужно оценивать по достоинству и данный клип заслуживает оценки ибо его автором было проделано действительно много "тяжкого" труда в процессе его создания...

NightSlayer - Sincerely Yours

SelfishPromise (1): Beautiful crossover, nearly flawless, I must say. It has a well-built story, which I always appreciate to see in a video. Definitely on my "must re-watch" list.

Shinzo (2): Following this amv looking all, congratulations.

xDreww (2): Thought this video was really great from the start. Yet another crossover AMV with someone dieing, I admit I do get tired of seeing this now, but I still must say this is a great AMV overall.

[key]Scarlet (3): I liked the story the most. Colorations, editing, and technical work in general were great and solid.

AxisPOV - The Monster

hiroki_999 (1): An effect is strong, but it enhances a picture and is made very good looking.
Fascinated by the action is great.

horizon-ext (1): wonderful!

John (1): This AMV is so cool. Edit, sync, and effects is simply amazing.

ZEVS1993 - Wrong Door: The Lost

Hikado95 (1): very good story based on a continuation of the its another video of the "BigContest" very good I liked very good effects, it has a very dark horror and I love that

cecco (3): It's a good horror and the compositing is great.

mastamind - Eyes

EllipseIris (1): Where should I start? I have seen many many many many many (or even more) AMVs with this anime and I can tell, I haven't met anything like this before. The concept is so innocently original and resh, doesn't want to copy anyone or anything. Also makes me feel nostalgic! I remember watching the anime and editing a video with it, which took me long long weeks to figure out what secene where to put and watching this AMV I really feel the effort in it!
Artsy - 10
Video/Music - 10
Technical - 10
Personal - 11

My pleasure!

KenjiKyou (2): Летящей походкой этот шедевр ворвался в моё сознание и больше не покидал его. Но работа технически проще, чем Sincerity, да и по сюжетной части проигрывает, поэтому поставил на второе место.

Kimihairu (2): Однажды этот клип сделал мое утро, а затем понеслась - дальнейшее уж как в тумане. Великолепное произведение! Симпатичный выверенный стиль, легкая и душевная атмосфера, не обремененная пафосом и "вырвиглазными/эпилептическими" изысками. Просто смотреть и расслабляться, отдыхать мыслями и забавляться шалостью героев клипа на экране. Рекомендую данный клип к ежедневному просмотру и вы забудете о гнусном настроении. Сэконд плэйс. :}

MentalTsui (2): Pure entertainment. I get an urge to dance to the song whenever I watch it.

Okami (2): This is my favorite of tournament. You see that is not the usual romantic video. Good scene selection, is very relaxing. The transitions and the final part had to be done better.

Mosaic (3): Technically, timing was perfect, flow was so good that I had to re-thought if this was just a "Fun" video as the author's stated as a genre, but no, It felt like a pure romance with a comedic touch here and there, the use of the Evangelion to extend Senjougahara screen time more was unnecessary, the footage felt old in comparison to Monogatari sources, but I think it was well implemented. Personally, the song was so good to give a retro feel, I think that was the author wanted anyway, very catchy, fresh and still pure, without any ecchi or eccentric stuff that Monogatari gives away.
Fynjy - Retaliation

Kaito (2): тема тотального дестроя близка как никогда) ну и исполнение и сочетание м/в как всегда - в точку.

mastamind (2): Great story and use of visual effects.

TritioAFB (2): It's curious that this clip hasn't gotten a higher attention: Another clip I consider to check in terms of the scenes and montages. Although it looks simple apparently, once you start to recognize the montages, it's really a nice clip. Besides, it was good to have you back again in the editionb :)

S.A. Robert (3): Работа оказалась, для меня самой пересматриваемой с конкурса и с каждым разом нравится всё больше, сочетание м/в решает.

[69] (3): Грамотное использование нескольких исходников, прекрасное сочетание видео и музыки, блестящая техника и продуманый сюжет в клипе не оставили меня равнодушным.

Multi-Editor Project - Our Particular World

DistrixAMV (2): This entry was truly beautiful and each editor's vision became one, something not to common among multi-editor projects.

gabbermd (2): best team work and i really like the concept =)

SachaValentine (3): Beautiful and Interesting MEP

John - With Lightning Speed

JadeCharm (1): I voted this for first place because it stood out the most and there was no other video similar to this one in the contest. I had a lot of fun watching the video. It has a great power, great flow and I really got into it. Compared to most of the other videos the technical work was not the very best here. But it reminded me why I love editing videos. I'm sure the editor had fun while editing this :)

Centurione (2): Most enjoyable watch I've had in a long time. Great scene selection and use of effects. It turned out very well with all speeded up scenes and motion. Not much more to say here, just a very very decent fun and action video with original concept that gets easily into your head.

De29v101L & Sintara (2): Быстро, сложно, технично, правильно и забавно.

AniPAL Studios (3): He's Japanese. And I'm too. But taking an impartical view, his amv is "faster" than any other one. Truly lightning speed.

hiroki_999 (3): It is well suited to the tempo of the music video, I'm fun to look at.
It is a AMV that does not get tired of looking at how many times.

liuce (3): The most rewatchable amv from this contest. Its funny its fast and its good made :}

Kaito - Feelings in between days

Kimihairu (1): Последние два года я рос на клипах Кайто, и за это время ее работы ни разу не разочаровали. Пусть прошлогодняя работа выдалась не такой очаровательной для меня, но нынешняя покорила и до сих пор держит в тисках эмоционального экстаза. Несравненное эстетическое удовлетворение. Бесспорно мой фаворит на этом конкурсе. Даже без субъективности не заметил таких пререканий, за которые стоило бы не отдавать 1 место. Низкий поклон автору. С нетерпением ожидаю новых продуктов творчества Кайто. :}

Fynjy (2): тонко, очень тонко, редкая вещь.

Rebelion (2): Тягучка.

Chono & Yuzuki - wruuuum

DigiCat (2): Technique is very high. amazing!!
I am going to practice to be able to edit like you someday.

Rebelion (3): Мужики.

Shinzo - Clock Time

John (3): Overall, it was wonderful. I like very much from 1:35 in particular.

AimoAio - Aevum

Bea$t (2): Добротный экшен под запоминающуюся мелодию. Удачный подбор кадров и обыгрышь трека.

Daaf - Nexus

monialiskaAMV (2): Love the story and the video concept,
It had something special about it that made me choose it :)
Enjoyed it very much, and it was one of the bests for me at least :)
That's all I guess, in short :) Gj Daaf :)

Okami (3): Nice. Good atmosphere and effects, but nothing of special.

XIII (3): Fantastic build up and a very nice ending, I really enjoyed it.

Benreparn - In Lights of Misery

Mosaic (1): Technically, it was soft, smooth and had a pretty nostalgic atmosphere, the timing sometimes went off a little in the middle of the video, I don't know if that was the author's intention, not a big thing though. Personally, I like the song - which managed me to love this video - but, not a big fan of couple combo crossover that you created, and you didn't certainly managed to put more "past feels" of this couple, so I couldn't feel what you wanted me to feel, still, a melancholy video, my cup of tea, despite all minor mistakes, you convinced me.

monialiskaAMV (3): Short Moving Drama viddy that made me cry
nice crossover and the whole idea of this.
The story is clear, technically its really good,
and yea,
One of my favourites ;) Gj Benreparn ;)

Tayo - Ave del Paraíso

MentalTsui (3): Completely fulfilled its purpose. Perfection in telling the message .

MagicDarkLight - Ignescence

-Cross- (3): Parfait ca merite la 3eme place

horizon-ext (3): very good!

Luciole (3): ah wai c'est vraiment le clip qui brule les yeux bravo.

Luciole - Shinigami Jigen

-Cross- (2): Parfait ca merite la 2eme place

MagicDarkLight (2): Best Bleach action so far, really clean and well edited!

TARI-blue (3): I like this mature technology with action AMV

Rebelion - Strntium

Deidara94 (3): Номинация "самый в душу" однозначно уходит этому клипу. Чистая, приятная глазу техника. Хитрый сюжет, заставляющий не раз просмотреть/пролистать клип (и даже пообщаться с автором!). Отличная, сбалансированная визуальная составляющая. Для меня выбор был очевиден :)

Kain-x-Spirits - Confined Souls

Dn@ (2): Bravo

-Cross- - Together

MagicDarkLight (3): A little short, yes, but still a nice video

JazzsVids - Last First

Hikado95 (3): It is fun and romantic party that also has some touch that they damage the image of the video.

monialiskaAMV - Paradise Circle

Bea$t (1): Очень стильная красивая работа с отлично подобранным треком и в кои-то веки к месту выбранным исходником. Симпатичный дизайн, моушен и монтаж прилагаются.

Uk@R (1): Эта работа просто не может не нравиться.

Gattino - Aparicion

Realibel (1): The transformation of the principal character involved in a new story was a surprire for me. The technical skills have been amazing, I can't recognise all the different animes used in this crossover! The story is perfecly elaborated, who watch it must be amazed by it. It gives me sadness everytime, the atmophere is perfect and the idea is really original. I'm addicted to this video now!

JadeCharm (3): The idea behind the video is very creative. One of the few videos where the crossover really made sense. I really love this :3
Your scene-selection was just perfect and caused the right emotions. You did great with making a visual difference between heaven and earth by using brightness. That made the whole setting very easy to understand.
Only thing you could work on are some technical things. Some times it was obvious that there was a mask in the scene.
AniPAL Studios - TEA TIME English Lesson

Scittalec (3): Great idea and execution. Video series is matched perfectly, harmony with the music is ideal. After watching the AMV, got a huge energy charge and good mood!

hiroki_999 - Don't forget

John (2): Awesome dynamic editing and music choice. GJ!

kyle_m - Blazing Magnum

drewaconclusion (1): I thought you really captured the texture and cinematography of 70's films. Excellent homage to the era.

KenjiKyou (3): Прекрасный пример того, что клипу не обязательно нужны всякие фифекты чтобы быть маленьким шедевром. Достаточно подобрать м/в и ровно всё смонтировать.
На конкурсе были ещё подобные клипы, но у них есть моменты, с которыми я категорически не согласен.
JavySempai & RiceAMV - The League of Shinji

Realibel (2): The video doesn't take a watcher at the start, but at the same time this one is curious (in my case..) The change of music and tones gaves me shills, one of the most important reason of my love for animes. So this 2 place, even if I was insicure with "Sincerity", I think it's good.

liuce - My Sweet Child

NightSlayer (3): Действительно крутая работа

[69] - успела на концерт or Gg №3

JazzsVids (2): This was one of the AMVs I enjoyed the most this year. I thought it was so funny. The timing and sync were perfect.

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